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February 28, 2000  Site news - As many of you may have seen we have a sister site now.  We like Ally Walker so much that we just had to start a second site dedicated to her.  It is called Ally Walker: new and improved.  We hope you check it out.  I suggest that if you want to see any pictures of Ally that you head on over there.  We have a whole new gallery of pictures, with even more pictures then before.  Don't worry about this site, we will continue to maintain it as always.

February 1, 2000 - Where is Ally? 
Ally will be on the Valentine's Day episode of the show "Wings".   episode is repeated once a year so check it out if you are a Ally fan.

Title  - "Love at First Flight"
Description: During a Valentine's Day flight from Boston, Brian (Steven Weber) finds himself instantly attracted to his sole passenger (guest star Ally Walker).
Airing: Mon 2/14/2000  11:30am  USA cable network.  Check local listings.


Happy Texas - See the official site of Ally's next endeavor, or go directly to Josephine McClintock's (her character's) biography and see what the profiler is doing now.
Site news - You can now access the Ally Walker Fan Task Force at our new URL,  Don't forget to bookmark us at our new URL.  This is not to say that our old URL won't work, because it will work and will continue to work.

Sept. 9th, 1999 - Profiler has been syndicated. It will be airing for us on Channel 7 (in Los Angeles) starting on September 18th.  Check local listings for times and channel

    Site News
  The Ally Walker Fan Task for now has its very own comment board.  You can find it by clicking here and you can post anything you want pertaining to Profiler and/or Ally Walker.
  It's true.... no more Samantha Waters on Saturday nights.  Read on...
  This is a scanned image of a National Enquirer article reporting the "real" reasons why Ally Walker left the show.  As you will read, Ally felt that she was being treated as a "Dumb Blond" and could not take the constant harassment that she was receiving from producers as well as NBC executives.  Read the article and feel free to post any opinions or comments on our Ally Message Board!  Ally Walker, star of NBC's drama "Profiler," is leaving the series after the  first two episodes of the 1999-2000 season to pursue "other opportunities." A  new profiler character, played by an actor who has yet to be cast, will take  her place and take the series in a new direction. Walker, who has played  forensic psychologist Dr. Samantha Waters for the past three seasons on the  crime drama, is interested in crossing over to big screen roles.  "We are sorry to see Ally leave the series," said Garth Ancier, President NBC  Entertainment. "She's been a tremendous value to the show over the last three  years. I'm certain the audience will miss her as much as we will."
 - from USA Today
 NBC is getting a new Profiler come fall.

Ally Walker, the star of the Saturday night crime series, will be phased out by the fourth episode of the 1999-2000 season, the show's fourth.  She'll be replaced by an actress yet to be cast, playing a new character.  Reports have said that she's leaving for a film career, but network executives say Walker is walking at NBC's urging.   The actress has a strained relationship with the management team that's taken over at NBC since the show's start in 1996.  Execs say her character isn't convincing as a brilliant forensic psychologist who hunts serial killers.   Walker's publicist didn't return calls. "Chances are, it'll hurt" the show, TN Media analyst Steve Sternberg says.  "In its fourth year, it's not going to be getting a lot of new (viewers).  The question is, will it alienate the people who are already watching?"


February 26, 1999
  This is not so much Ally Walker news but it does pertain to this site.  We have just received an award; A three star award by  We appreciate each and every one of you coming to this site and it is because of YOU that we have gotten this banner to begin with.  I know that Ally would love this award that has been given to a site that has been dedicated to her.  Don't forget to visit us again.  We will have new things popping up on this site very soon and we always appreciate comments from you out there.  Thank you very much!

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