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Who is Ally Walker?

    The reason why we created this site is so Ally's fans can learn more about her, see a few pictures of her and learn about events that Ally is involved in.  Keep up the GREAT work Ally, we at the Task Force enjoy your work.

Also, we wish to introduce to you a another site dedicated to Ally.  : ally : walker :   This newer site is not a replacement but an amendment to the Ally Walker Fan Task Force.  We are moving somethings there and some things will remain here.  The Ally gallery for instance is improved.

As of 2001 I won't be updating the site very often.  I'm working on to my next endeavor, my own homepage.  It's called American Ecstasy, and is filled with photography, writing, and much more.  I invite you to check it out.

You've asked when it was going to happen.. and now it has.  Profiler is on DVD.  Click to buy all three seasons of Profiler directly from

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