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Ally Walker Info


Happy, Texas (1999) .... Josephine McLintock
"Profiler" (1996) TV Series .... Dr. Sam Waters 
Kazaam (1996) .... Alice Connor
Bed of Roses (1996) .... Wendy
While You Were Sleeping (1995) .... Ashley Bacon 
Someone to Die for (1995) .... Alex Donaldson
Steal Big, Steal Little (1995) .... Bonnie Martin 
"Moon Over Miami" (1993) TV Series .... Gwen Cross 
When the Bough Breaks (1993) .... Audrey Macleah
Universal Soldier (1992) .... Veronica 
Seventh Coin, The (1992) .... Lisa 
... aka Worlds Apart (1992) 
Singles (1992) .... Pam 
Eye of the Storm (1991) .... Killer Girl 
... aka Jack Higgins: Die Krieger (1991) (Germany) 
Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion (1991) (TV) .... Julia Collier 

"True Blue" (1989) TV Series .... Officer Jessica Haley 
Swimsuit (1989) (TV) .... Romella
True Blue (1989) (TV) 
Aloha Summer (1988) (uncredited) 
"Santa Barbara" (1984) TV Series .... Andrea Bedford (1988) 


Notable TV guest appearances

"Wings" (1990) playing "Melissa Williams" in episode: "Love at first flight"
(episode # 7.16) 2/13/1996

"L.A. Law" (1986) in episode: "Mutinies On the Banzai" 3/28/1991

"Jake and the Fatman" (1987) playing "Josie" in episode: "It Never Entered My Mind" 3/20/1991

"L.A. Law" (1986) in episode: "Pump It Up" 1/10/1991

"Matlock" (1986) playing "Renee Wells" in episode: "Biker, The" 11/27/1990

Other Info.
Did you know that Ally Walker was born August 25, 1961, making her a Virgo (if you believe that stuff).  So to that point we present you some general characteristics of what makes a virgo a virgo.

The symbol of the Virgin and an Earth sign.
Your most likeable trait is Conscientiousness. Your opposite zodiac is the Pisces.
GEM: Pink Jasper or a blue precious stone, such as sapphire
COLOR: Navy Blue

Virgo, as the sixth sign of the zodiac, you are reserved, and modest. Because of your need to keep busy, you are constantly on the move. Most likely you spend whatever free time you may have, organizing and planning. You would like to make everything perfect around you and around others.

Having your element as an Earth sign means you are practical and stable. In relationships you are kind, devoted and loyal. Having friends around you, usually brings out your best qualities. Although you sometimes get critical of others and let your feelings be known, you don't like criticism aimed at you.

The planet that rules Virgo is Mercury. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, intelligence and reason. Although you share your ruling planet with Gemini, you are more analytical and rational. Whereas a Gemini is ready for adventure on a moments notice, you on the other hand, have to analyze the facts, and make sure everything is prepared before you proceed. You are sensible when it comes to business and finances, and make an astute business person.

Along with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces you share a Mutable sign which means you are flexible, versatile, and are able to adapt to new situations easily.

Some famous people born under the sign of Virgo:

Yassir Arafat, Lauren Bacall, Anne Bancroft, Ingrid Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Jacqueline Bisset, Sid Caesar, Agatha Christie, Sean Connery, Jackie Cooper, Queen Elizabeth I, Greta Garbo, Arthur Godfrey, Buddy Hackett, Jesse James, Gene Kelly, Stephen King, Alan Ladd, Peter Lawford, Sophia Loren, Rocky Marciano, Bob Newhart, Arnold Palmer, Lily Tomlin, George Wallace, Racquel Welch, and H.G. Wells.

Allene (Ally's birthname, what does it mean?)
The name of Allene has created a congenial nature with the desire to associate in friendship and understanding both socially and in the business world. Peaceful and settled conditions appeal to you and you are naturally desirous of having the security of a home, where your life could follow a definite pattern, and where you would not have to make major decisions. You find it difficult to take a definite stand, partly because you lack confidence, and also because you dislike any issues which create dissension between people. Procrastination is a weakness of your nature, causing an inability always to complete your plans or to concentrate for long. You need to see a concept presented completely in detail before you can understand it, and if you cannot understand it, you come to your own conclusion and often fail to listen to and reason out another's point of view. You resist being forced into change and could become almost impervious to new ideas. You desire refinement, understanding, and appreciation, yet sometimes your outward attitude does not reveal your innermost feelings, and thus you have never felt truly understood. Your name has given you a desire for heavy, rich foods, which cause sluggish digestion. You could suffer with constipation, stomach, or intestinal disorders, or disturbances in the fluid functions of the body.

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