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 In 1288, creatures such as unicorns, goblins, and darklords ruled the earth and elves and gnomes played with magic while fairies fluttered about on a breeze.

 Rave is one of the unicorns that had a secret that she kept in her heart for many years in the hope that someday she would have a friend to share it with. She hoped that this friend would grow to be her true love.  Nana is Rave's sister, a unicorn with a pure heart. She is the queen of the good who hopes to prevail over the evil darklords. Mossey is a unicorn who was left to roam free after his parents left him a long time ago. Mum is the queen of evil and she is twenty-one. Iunigdo is the king of evil and he is twenty-four. Rave is twenty-three, Nana is twenty-two, Mossey is eighteen.

 The unicorns fight the darklords in order to protect their land. The darklords want to steal their land and be in power. The unicorns want everything that goes on in their land to be good and pure. They want to live in peace and harmony without the evil darklords.

 A messenger with short brown hair and brown eyes dressed in a blue shirt and Jeans comes along riding on his horse while Rave is grazing in a meadow. Rave is scared of him at first, then she realizes that he has come to help them gain power and destroy the darklords. His name is Reily, he's nineteen and she introduces him as her new friend.

Rave said, "I'm Rave, and these are my friends, Mossey, Tilly, Rin, Champ, Morsel, and my sister Nana."

 I'm Reily, and this is my horse Doc, nice to meet you." Reily said.

 Nana asked, "Are you here to help us?"

 "Yes, except I don't have a plan yet. I was hoping that we could exchange ideas and then figure out a plan together." Reily said.

 Mossey said, "I like your teamwork suggestion."  "Good." Reily said.

 Rave decides to show Reily her secret, which is that she can be a human girl anytime she wants to. The only way for her to stay human is if someone falls in love with her and she loves him in return. She walks into Tilly's tree house and comes back out about five minutes as a girl with beautiful long auburn hair, hazel eyes, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and bare feet. Reily sees her and is surprised by her beauty.

 Reily said, "You're beautiful. What is your name?"

 Rave said, "It's me, Rave, I can be a human and a unicorn. Thanks, I look different, don't I?"

 "Yes, you do. I didn't recognize you because I didn't know that you could be a human and a unicorn." Reily said.

 Rave says, "That comes natural to me except the only way for me to stay a human is for a man to love me as much as I love him. All of us can be human when we want to be except my friends only like to be human when they fight against the darklords. They like having the best of both worlds by being a human, an animal or a creature. I'm the only one who wants to fall in love and stay human for the rest of my life."

 Reily said, "Have you found him, yet?"

 Rave said, "I was hoping that it could be you because I really like you and I'm glad that you came  here to help us."

 Reily said, "I would like that very much. I'm crazy about you." Rave laughs, touches his shoulder and then they hug and kiss each other. Rave is still in his arms, when she opens her eyes and realizes that Mum and Iunigo, the darklords are walking toward them. She tells Reily to turn around, then walks up to Iunigo and punches him in the stomach. Iunigo gets caught unaware, then makes come back by slapping her cheek. Reily decided to take care of Mum by pushing and kicking her in the stomach. She falls back in the dirt. Rave finishes Iunigo off. He falls into the dirt too.

 Reily said, "We put them away for now. We make a good team. I don't know you could defend yourself that well. You're a strong woman, Rave."

 Rave said, "Thanks, my father taught me how to do that when I was younger."

 Reily asked, "Where is your father now?" "He left Nana and I a long time ago.

 Rave said, "My mom died of complications from childbirth a day after Nana was born."

 Reily said, "I'm sorry." Rave says, "I miss them sometimes and I wonder what she was like because all my kids father told me that she was a beautiful caring wife and mother to us." She shows him the picture of them together in a locket, which her dad gave her when he left. He let's her cry in his arms and tells her that it will be all right as long as they're together.

 Nana and Mossey are walking toward them as they are caught in an embrace of hugs and kisses. They separate and let their friends join in for a group hug. Nana realizes that the darklords are starting to get up.

 Iunigo said, "this battle is far from over." He pushes Nana in the nose. Nana recollects herself and kicks him in the stomach. He falls to the ground yet again. Mossey and Rave help Reily take care of Mum by hitting her in the stomach. She falls on the ground too. Everyone is rejoicing and jumping for joy because they won the battle and destroyed the darklords for good.

 Reily and Rave are hugging and kissing each other.

 Reily said, "I love you, Rave."

 Rave said, "I love you, Reily."

Last Dance

Thea:  17 yrs. old, long brown hair, wants to be a childcare teacher
Jo:  17 yrs. old, dark brown hair, her boyfriend, loves computers
Lisa: 17 yrs. old, Thea's best friend, short brown hair, wants to be a lawyer
John: 17 yrs. old, short brown hair, her boyfriend, wants to be a doctor
Irene: 17 yrs. old, long black hair, Thea's best friend, loves computers

(Early afternoon, at a fair in a California small-town.  Sitting in the sun,
eating snowcones)
Lisa: You're still going to Pierce or what?
Thea: I'm hitting towards SMC. I just sent in my application and took the
placements tests.
Lisa: How was it?
Thea: Same test as Pierce. I think that I did alright.
Lisa: What would your major be?
Thea: Childhood Development. I love children. I babysat for my parents
friends children sometimes.
Lisa: I don't like babysitting. The child that I babysat for was a brat.
Thea: I want to own my Day Care Center.
Lisa: Ya, that's a cool job. You'll have a house and your little Day Care
Center right there and everything.
(John comes back with their snowcones)
Lisa: Thank you.
Thea: Thank you.
Lisa: So Jo forgot all about this, didn't he?
Thea: Ya, he did. I'm nicknaming him "The Flake."
Lisa: Oh, he's in it for now.
Thea: Ya, he is. Thanks for bailing me out, you guys.
John: No problem.
(Thea's snowcones starts to drip all over the place and she gets all over one
of her hands. John goes to get napkins for her. They finish their snowcones.
Then they get up and walk around while looking at the booths. Thea has a
sticky hand til she washes it when they get back to her house.)
John: You have a nice house.
Thea: Thanks. Do you want to see it?
John & Lisa: Sure.
Thea: I'll give you the grand tour!
(We just got a new car, a red Chambreeolay Convertible.)
John & Lisa: That's a nice car.
Thea: Ya, it's a great car. We're all fighting over it.
(Rangs the doorbell and they go inside her house.)
Thea: Hey, mom and Brendan. Kitchen, Family Room, Backyard, not much of one
though. (washes her hands)
Thea: We have some wild cats and a bunny.
John: Nice TV
Thea: Well, at least it works. Brendan's room: stereo, drums.
(Loud music plays in the background.)
Lisa: Is you're brother going deaf?
Thee: I don't care. Erin's room.
John: Nice room.
Lisa: Is she here or something?
Thea: She's come home on the 7th of June. Up the stairs, here we go. My room.
John & Lisa: Great room.
Thea: Ya, thanks. It's cool. I love it.
John: Nice carpet.
Thea: Ya, but it needs to be vacuumed. My bathroom. My parents bedroom.
They have a spatub in their bathroom.
John: Now, this is nice.
Thea: Would you like to live here?
(They walk back to her room and sit down on her window seat.)
John: If I had a room like this, I would.
Lisa: So what are you goin to do about you and Jo?
Thea: I don't know. His affection annoys me and he's a flake. I should go to
the prom with him though. I think I owe him that after blowing him off our
Junior year because I didn't want to go. I ant to go with him this year.
John: Good Luck!
Lisa: You have a nice breeze here.
Thea: Ya, I love to sit here reading a book with the wind blowing in my face.
John: It's quiet on your street.
Thea: Ya, it's nie and peaceful here.
John: Do you get car alarms here?
Thea: Yes, we do. We get those ones that sound like someone's alarm clock when
it won't turn off; only with a different range of sounds.
John: I hate those when they wake at five in the morning.
Thea: I know what you mean.
John: Do you want to go hit the Marina before the stores close?
Lisa: Ya, We should go.
(Thea walks them out.)
Thea: Thanks, I had a great time.
Lisa: We should do that again sometime.
Thea: Ya, we really should. See ya later.
Lisa & John: See ya later.
(school days)
John: How was your weekend? What did you do on Sunday?
Thea: Alright. I did some homework and homework. I didn't take a shower till
John: Studying. (watches Lisa)
Thea: My sister said that I should suggest that we go to the prom as friends
still go out together but have him ease up on me a little.
John: So what are you going to do?
Thea: I think that I'm going to suggest that we go to the prom as friends.
John: You're going to break up with him right now?
Thea: Ya, I'll get it over with.
John: Good Luck!
Jo: Hey, Thea.
Thea: Hey, Jo. We need to talk.
Jo: About us?
Thea: Ya, remember when I said, "Do you always have to do that?" when you put
your arm around me and you said, "Ya, I do."
Jo: Ya, I was kidding.
Thea: We'll, I don't like it. I think that we're better as friends. We should
to the prom as friends. That's it.
Jo: We can be just friends if that's what you want.
Thea: That's what I want.
(Go their seperate ways)
Thea: Hey, you guys. What's up?
Lisa: Nothing much.
Thea: I was going to tell you something, but I thought that I should tell at
lunch since I really should get to class.
Lisa & John: You broke up with Jo?
Thea: Ya, I did.
John: What did you say?
Thea: I said that we'd better as friends and that we should to the prom as
friends. See ya later, Lisa.
Lisa: See ya later.
John: What did he say?
Thea: that we can be friends  if that what you want. He seemed fine with it.
John: Ya, we'll if he's by the rafter's tomarrow, it's all your fault.
Thea: I know.
John: Just kidding. See ya later.
Thea: See ya later.
Lisa: So when did you break up with Jo?
Thea: Yesterday.
Lisa: So what's going on?
Thea: He's acting as if nothing happened. I mean he kissed me on the cheek on
his way out of 3rd period this morning.
Lisa: So, he's not getting the point.
Thea: No, he isn't.
Lisa: That's great.
Thea: John's at Chirons?
Lisa: Ya.
Thea: Hey, John.
Lisa: Hey, John.
John: Hey, Thea. Hey, Lisa.
Lisa: Let's go to our locker.
John: Ok, see ya later.
Thea: See ya later.
(walking to fifth period)
Jo: Hey, Thea. How are you?
Thea: Hey, Jo. I'm fine.
(Jo tries to kiss her cheek. She turns her face away from him.)
Jo: Don't turn your face away from me.
Thea: We broke up. Get a clue!
Jo: So?
Thea: So. (walks her off leaving him hanging there) We need to get our
tickets tomorrow.
Jo: I know.
Thea: My mom can pay for us if you don't have the money.
Jo: No, no, no, that's alright. I gots money. Let's go together. I'll pay for
mine and you'll pay for yours.
Thea: Ok. Look, who's up in front of us?
Jo: Who?
Thea: Irene.
Jo: She's going?
Thea: Ya, she told me that this morning. Look, there's a space behind her that
no one is taking or saving. Let's cut in it.
Jo: Ok, let's.
Thea: Hey, Irene.
Irene: Hey, Thea. Hey, Jo. You weren't behind me before?
Thea: Shush, (puts her hand over  her mouth) We're behind you now.
Irene: You mean...
Thea: Ya, but keep quiet or it won't work.
Jo: Let's talk about something else.
Thea: I have an idea. We'll it was really my mom's idea, but I took her up on
Jo & Irene: What is it?
Thea: That she and my dad treat us to a limo take us there.
Jo: How are they going to pay for it?
Thea: I have no idea. That's why it's not set in stone.
Jo & Irene: We'll tell us if you decide to do it.
Thea: You bet I will. It's their prom present to us. We'll go out in style!
Join in the Fun!
Jo & Irene: You bet.
Jo: You always say the right thing.
Irene: You sure do. You're a bubbling free spirit with a smile on your face
that's lights everyone up!
Thea: Thank you. I love to help out.
Irene: Oh, believe me, you already have.
Thea: I'm so siked that you're coming.
Irene: I'm looking forward to it.
(they get their tickets)
Thea: Lisa and John already have a reservation. So that's going to be a
Irene: It's a nice idea.
Thea: It's a great idea. We just need to figure out how much it costs.
Irene & Jo: FIgure that out quick.
Irene: Are you doing anything this weekend?
Thea: Not really, but I hae to finish typing a portfolio.
Irene: Oh, that's right. Is that the major project that you have to do?
Thea: Yep!
Irene: Then don't blow it.
Thea: I won't.
Irene: We'll get it done before Monday and the three of us can do something.
Thea & Jo: It's a deal.
(a week later)
Thea: I can't believe that it's the Friday before the prom! This week just
flew by, didn't it?
Jo: It sure did.
Irene: I know.
Lisa: The prom...The Last Dance...The Best Dance Of Our Lives.
John: It's going to be special.
Irene: Let's celebrate!
Jo: Join in the fun.
Thea: Let's have a blast. Let The Good Times Roll!! (puts her hands out) Come
on, everybody (they all put their hands together and raise them high in the
One...Two...Three...Let the Good Times Roll on the Best Night of Our Lves!!
Prom Night!! (They all yell at the top of their lungs, John and Lisa go to
their locket)
Jo & Irene: Are we doing that limo thing?
Thea: You bet we are!
Jo & Irene: Cool!
Thea: Be at my house by 7:00pm.
Jo & Irene: We'll be there.
(Prom Night! Thea's getting ready)
Thea: Mom, what should I do with my hair?
Mom: I don't know. Let's invite Marti and Amanda over and see what they
Thea: Ya, let's. (calls them up) They'll be right over. It's 6:00.
Marti & Amanda: You look great. I love your dress.
Thea: Thanks. Come in and help decide what to do with my hair.
Amanda: It's looks fine down but you're going to want it out of your face.
Thea: Ya, I will. I don't want it all up in a french twist or anything. Just a
simple loose ponytail will do. (holds her hair back loose on her neck)
Amanda: Ya, that looks good on you. (Her mom helps her pull it back loosely
and into a pearl clip)
Mari & Amanda: Perfecto!
(Irene gets their on time, 7:00pm, but Jo arrives by 7:15. They have pasta for
dinner and then leave for the prom.)
John & Lisa: How was the limo ride?
Thea, Irene & Jo: Great!
(The five of them are the first people to dance, and then everyone else joins
(They dance for two hours then they're sitting around taking a break and
Jo: Do you want a drink?
Thea: No, thanks.
(gets himself a soda)
(The soda gives him a headache. So Thea dances the night away stag!)
Thea: I'm dancing. (out on the dance floor)
Lisa: Where's Jo?
Thea: He's over there, being a party pooper. So I'm out here by myself!
John: Didn't the same thing happen at Homecoming?
Thea: As a matter of fact, it did.
Lisa: Are you having fun?
Thea: I'm having a blast. Let the Good Times Roll! (They're dancing in a
circle and they give eachother five and take their pictures)
DJ: All the couples get on the floor for the Last Dance of the Night! (they
all get on the dance floor)
Jo: Sorry, I was a party poop.
Thea: It's ok. I had fun anyway. I'm glad that you feel better.
(The dance is over and everyone goes home.)
Thea: Thank you, Jo. I had a great time.
Jo: Thank you, Thea. So did I. (they give eachother a hug and a kiss)