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 In the Dark of
the Lover's Forest

 The lover's forest is haunted by ghost that will eat people alive.  A married couple has a house there, Cynthia and Victor.  This couple does everything that every normal couple does but they never walk home in that forest when it's dark because of the legend.

 The legend says that no one comes out of the forest alive when it's dark.  The reason why is the people get scared to death by the white ghost.  These white ghost are the spirits of Cynthia and Victor's ancestors.  That is another reason why they never walk home in the dark.

 There's this family, the Clans that have been trying to survive walking through the forest in the dark for hundreds of years.  Most of them failed, there are only five of them lift now.  Sara, Lynn, Collin, Nicki and Craig are their names.  They are the ones who have to try it now.  The question is will they live or die like the rest of their family did?

 Sara and Lynn are identical twins.  Sara is the older one by four minutes.  Collin is the oldest in the family, he's 16.  Sara and Lynn are both 15.  Their parents want them to try walking through the forest in the dark when they are 20.  They want them to do it together.  After they do it their parents are going to do it.  This family wants to survive the terror of the white ghost.

 Collin, Sara and Lynn have school at home everyday because they act in movies and plays.  Sara and Lynn are also on a swim team and are olympic swimmers.  Collin is a major league baseball player for the U.S. "Friendship Fielders".  He has a lot of friends on his team.  Sara and Lynn are "A" students and they love to read.  These kids think that they have the two nicest parents in the world.  In swimming, their best stroke is the free-style.  Swimming is the twins favorite sport, and they have to go everyday.  Along with acting, they have a busy schedule.

 Sara and Lynn's birthday are coming in December.  They are very excited about their sweet sixteen.  Both twins have already taken drivers ed class and the test, when they are sixteen, they will get their drivers license and get a car from their parents.  Sara is the quiet and nice one and Lynn is the outgoing, friendly and fun to be with one.  These two twins, even though they are best friends, they are two very different people.  Sara is a writer and likes to learn new things in school.  Lynn on the other hand is the opposite.  She doesn't like school at all and hates to write anything.  On Halloween they dress up as each other and on Aprils fools they wear the same outfit, so their friends can't tell them apart.

 It's December 22, 1991, the twins 16th birthday.  Their parents gave a jeep Cherokee to drive around in.  Their friends gave them books and new outfits.

 Sara is jealous of her sister because she's the one who's got all these boys falling for her.  Nobody likes Sara, you see.  Lynn and her boyfriend Steve just broke up.  So, She is trying to find a new guy to hang around with.  Both the twins fall for the same guy, Aaron Wheels.  They are crazy about him.  Lynn starts talking to him and becomes friends with him.  He likes Lynn, but once he meets Sara and gets to know her he falls for her.  He likes to write stories and poetry too.  They have a lot in common.  Sarah and Aaron are the cutest couple in their city.  Their parents really like Aaron because he is such a gentleman when he's around Sara.  Aaron is also a nice person.

 Homecoming Dance rolled around and Aaron was going to take Sara to it.  She got dressed up in a pink velvet dress that was off the shoulder.  Sara went to the dance and had a great time.  When Aaron drove her home and took to the door of her house she got her first goodnight kiss.  It was wonderful.

 Christmas wasn't that far off so the kids are telling their parents and their friends what they want for Christmas.  Sara and Lynn want a stereo and a couple of books.  Collin wants a new baseball mit and a nintendo entertainment system.

 It's christmas day, everyone is up and opening their presents and looking at the things inside their stockings.  Sara, Lynn and Colling got what they wanted, so did their parents.

 School is over and its summer, the twin's favorite season.  They are going to Hawaii in a couple of days.  Won't that be fun?

 "We're on our way to hawaii" said their mom Nicki.  They are there and unpacking in their hotel.  Then they go swimming and snorkeling at the beach.  They island that they stayed at was called Maui.  They go to the beach everyday for a week.  Then they go home.

 It's August now, summer's almost over.  Their school starts in the middle of August and ends in June.  Sara and Lynn are going to be in 11th grade this year.  Their parents are surprised at how fast their kids childhood went by.

 School has stared and the twins like their teachers.  They got a lot of friends in their classes along with them, which is good.  Aaron and Sara have 3rd and 6th period together.  They've been going out for about a year now.  Lynn is so jealous that she keeps thinking of all these ways to break them up so she can have him but none of them have worked yet.

 Lynn just thought of the greatest way to break them up.  She thinks if she tells Sara that she had him first they will have a fight.  She tells Sara that Aaron wants her all to himself and she believe her.  So she gets angry at Aaron and he totally denies it.  They end up breaking up but Lynn doesn't get him anyway.  It worked out ok because now they have a new crush, Brian Alienn.  They think he's the cutest guy they've ever seen but their friends thing he's ugly and crazy.  One of them can't stand him at all.  The twins like him and that's all that matters.  They are both friends and he seems nice but Sara starts  going out and figure it out later on in the relationship that he is a bundle of trouble.  So she breaks up with him.  Lynn starts going out with him and ends up doing the same thing.  The twins never want to have a boyfriend like him again.

 Sara had a first love before Aaron who moved away to Colorado.  His name was Chris.  he just came back to Minnesota to stay.  Sara and Chris were together buy him and collin didn't get along well.  Lynn and him became good friends.

 Its the twins 17th birthday and Chris and their parents throw them a big surprise party and invite all their friends.  The twins come home from school that evening and when they open the door they see Chris waiting for them.  Lynn says hi and Sara hugs him and gets a beautiful happy birthday kiss from him.  After he kisses her Chris says "I love you I always have and I always will.  You are the reason I came back here".  Sara says " I always have loved you too.  I still love you now.  I think I will love you forever".  Then everyone's run out into the room and yell "surprise, happy birthday Sara and Lynn".  The twins open their presents and eat their birthday cake.  Then everybody plays games like freeze dance and win, lose or draw.  The party is over and everybody's left except for Chris who gets to stay the weekend because his parents are on vacation.

 Chris gets to sleep in Sara's room but in a separate bed, of course.  They go to sleep and the next morning Sara wakes in his arms.  Sara says, "How did you get in my bed without me noticing it?".  Chris said, "Your back was turned".  Sara says "I've never woken up in anyone's arms before.  Chris says "How does it feel?"  Sara says "It feels neat but we'd better get out of here before my parents find us together".  Sara rolled over and gave him a kiss and he kissed her back.  Then they went downstairs to watch to together and eat breakfast.  They watched the movie called the "Karate Kid" and their mom made them scrambled eggs for breakfast.  The eggs were good.  Sara and Chris went up stairs to get to go to the mall together.

 They left for the mall at 12:00 in his car.  They were supposed to to home by 5:00.  Sara and Chris went to the book store first because Sara had to get a birthday present for her friend John.  Then they went to the movies and saw "This is my life".  They liked it very much.  they went home and did their homework.  When they were done they played a couple of games of their favorite game Clue together.  Chris won 5 games and Sara won 7 games.  Then played cards and Sara wiped him in gin, 7 games to 10.  It was time for dinner, they were having pasta.  Sara's mom is a good cook.  After dinner Sara and Chris watch the Sat. Night Live up together.  Then they go to bed.

 The next morning Sara wakes up in his arms again which feels wonderful.  they kiss each other and then go downstairs to watch tv and eat breakfast.

 The twins graduate from high school and decide not to go to college.  On Sara's 20th birthday day, her and Chris are going to get married.  They are already engaged and are living together in a two story house.

 It's Christmas vacation week.  Sara and Lynn's B-day is in two days.  Sara doesn't know what she wants for her 19th birthday.  Lynn wants some books and a new bike.

 Chris doesn't know what to get Sara for her birthday.  He is thinking about getting her a ring but he doesn't know what color.  Chris hasn't given her engagement ring yet, you see.

 Sara just wants a regular party with all her friends at her new house.  Of course she will have a family party, which will be at her parents house.  She will also get Chris's present at the family party.  So, Sara and Chris will have their parents together about the engagement.

 Lynn just wants a regular party too.  She lives in a house all by herself.  Lynn has some friends in her neighborhood that she has invited to her party.  Her party is going to be held at her house.  She is going to have big barbecue.  It's going to be fun.  Everyone of her friends are looking forward to it.

 It's the twins birthday and they are having their family party.  They twins are opening their presents and are about to eat their cake.  Sara got some books and a rubi ring from Chris.  Lynn got some books and a new blue bike.  Sara and told their parent about their engagement.  They were happy for them but a little surprised.

 The twins other party is next weekend.  They are going to have some activities at their parties like teen win, lose or draw and freeze dance.  There's going to be a lot of people in the house on Sara's B-day.  Chris thinks its going to drive him crazy but he will join in the fun.

 It's Christmas day and the twins are opening their presents and looking in their stockings.  They each got some books and hair clips.  Collin got a motorcycle and a tape deck.  He thanked very much because he had always wanted a motorcycle and he didn't expect them to give him one.

 Sara hasn't told Chris about the forest yet.  He doesn't know anything about it.  She will have to tell about the legend and everything  since she has to go through it.  Sara decided se is gin to tell him in a week after the party.

 Sara is having her party today and so is Lynn.  Chris and Sara have to clean the house because they are having company.  What fun!  They are going to split the work in half so both of them get to do the same amount instead of one of them doing all the work.  Sara has to do the vacuuming and the bedrooms.  Chris has to do the bathrooms and the kitchen and living room floor.  He also has to do the dusting.  Sara said that if she done early he will help with that.

 They are done cleaning the house and the party is on.  Sara is opening her presents.  She is having a real interesting time doing it because some of them are a box inside a box etc.  There's money inside around 5 of the boxes in each present.  So Sara is going to be rich.  they are done with the presents and are about to have the birthday cake when the doorbell rings.  It ends up being Lynn and a couple of her friends.  Sara is surprised to see her but she handles it well by hugging and introducing herself to her friends.  Chris is glad that she showed up because he will have somebody to talk to.  They have the birthday cake and ice cream.  Sara and Lynn blow out the candles and make their wishes.  Sara makes a good wish but she doesn't tell anyone it because then it won't come true.  They play games and stuff.  Then the party's over and Chris wants to know about the forest.

 So Sara tells him about the legend and the couple who lives there.  She tells him that she has to go through it with her brother and sister.  Then her parents will go through it together.  Chris wants to do it too.  He thinks it will be fun and like a mystery because they don't know if they will live through it.  Their parents changed their minds and said they can do it this year if they want to.  So they are going to do it in February, which is in a month.  They are looking forward to it and so are their parents.  Sara told her parents in a letter that Chris was going to do it too.

 It's the last week of January and everyone is buzzing with craziness about their forest and going through it.  Chris knows that the rest of their family died going through it.  Even though, he not part of the family yet he still wants to do it.  The twins are a little scared but they think they can get through it as long as they have a positive attitude about it.  Their parents think the same thing.

 Today is the day they are going to go through the forest and hope they come out alive.  They are getting ready to have their house for their adventure.  Sara, Lynn, Collin and Chris are happy that they are finally going to do it but their parents are a little scared for them.

 They drive to the forest in one car and great time singing songs and stuff.  When they get there, the family and Chris realize how beautiful the forest really is.

 It is dark now and the kids say good bye to their parents and start walking.  They are having fun at first because they haven't seen any ghost yet.  Before they know it, Sara sees one and screams.  Chris runs to her and get hurts in the process.  He just gets a starch on his elbow so he's ok.  Everybody gets back together and continue on.  They are walking along and Lynn falls down but is alright after a few seconds.  Chris sees light up ahead and thinks that they are nearing the end of going through it.  The forest is a redwood tree forest and has a pond in it.  Chris put Sara hand around his neck and tells her to hold on.  Collin does the same thing with Lynn.  They make it over and survive through their adventure.  They go meet their parents and tell that had fun going through it.  Their parents are very happy that are alive but aren't looking forward to going through themselves.  Sara smiles and tells that they nothing to worry about because they only saw one ghost and the wall is the only hard thing in it.

 Their parents start walking through it.  The two are having fun until Craig sees a ghost and falls but he's alright.  Nicki holds his hang and helps him up.  They see the pond and the redwood threes.  Then Craig sees the light up ahead and the wall.  He put Nicky hands around his neck and tells her to hold on.  He starts climbing and makes it.  They go to meet their kinds and celebrate because they are very proud of themselves.  They drive home and have some fun singing and talking about their adventure.

 It's Sara 20th birthday and her Chris are getting married.  They have a nice big wedding.  Sara invites her family and friends.  Chris invites the same people.  The wedding is over and they go to Hawaii on their honeymoon.  Sara's parents are going to miss her and were crying when the wedding was going on.  Chris's family is going to miss him too.  They go to Hawaii and have a real fun time.  When they come home their parents throw a new year's eve party for them.

 Their parents have it their house and its a big barbecue.  Nicki makes her famous potato salad which everybody loves.  They have past for dinner.  The party was a lot of fun.  Sara and Chris go home with happiness in their hearts.

 Sara wakes up the next morning and tells Chris that she had the weirdest dream about him.  She dreamed that he was a criminal and got arrested after robbing her house.  They weren't a couple anymore when she woke up.  Chris is glad that it was only a dream and so is Sara.

 The End


Playing with Fire

Scenes: Opening

Rose's House Int.

I don't normally smoke, it's just this night. You won't tell my parents. will you?

I won't tell. I promise

Can I trust you?

Of course. you can.

I wish I could remember who molested me when I was seven. I know that I was related to him in some way because after he did it, he'd always say, "I love you, I love you. Remember, don't tell anyone." But I just had to tell someone.

That was seven years ago. You're not excepted to.

Well, I do have flashbacks sometimes, but not enough to identify him.

Don't worry. It will all come back to you.

I've been smoking pot for a few months now. I really would quit. I'm so depressed. Oh god, I want to kill myself. Then I could get away and all the memories would go disappear.

Don't talk like that. Use those memories to find out who he is and get him punished. How long have you been feeling this way?

A couple of weeks now. I should get some help.

You really should. Please stay alive for me, Rose. What would I do without you? What would we do without eachother?

We've been through so much together that I don't know what we would do. You're right. I'll go get some help tomorrow. (they hug eachother just as Rose's mom bursts into the room)


What are you guys talking about? Why didn't you tel me how you were feeling, Rose?


I was going to tell you tomarrow. We should all down to the hospital then, so I can get some help.

Good idea and stop smoking please. You guys need some sleep. Rose is lucky that she has a caring friend like you, Cindy.

I am lucky.
So am I.
Goodnight you guys.
(they hug eachother)
Goodnight Cindy.
Goodnight Rose.

Epitheal Scene
Hospital Int.


I read your diary and found your stash.


That's my private property. You had no right to go through it.

I wanted to help you. I had to find out what was going on.

I hate you. I can't believe you did that.

Can't you see where I'm coming from? You don't tell me anything and you except to pick up the pieces. How am I supposed to do that?

Leave me alone.


Your mom's got a point there. You shouldn't leave her out like that.

Let's talk about something else. I'm having another flashback.

Tell me about it.

I see a dark skinned man come toward me and put his arm around me. He's got glasses on and he takes them off. He kisses me on the lips three times. I'm telling him to stop when he hits me in the face.  Then hugs me and says, "I love you, I love you. Don't tell anyone." Oh, my goodness, I know who it is.

Who is it?

It's my Uncle Bob. He's my favorite uncle. How could he do that to me?

Are you sure? Maybe he had a good reason.

I'm sure and I hate him for it.


I'm sorry that I did that to you. I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't have a daughter of my own and you were so sweet and innocent. I thought there was no harm in loving you as if you were my own. Can you ever forgive me?

I can forgive you if you promise never to do that again.

I promise.

Then I forgive you.

They hug eachother.

I forgive you to, Mom.

They hug eachother.

Come here, Cindy.

They hug eachother.

Closing Scene
Rose's house int.


Welcome Home!


Welcome Home!


Welcome Home!

It's good to be home.

Blow out the candles. Make a wish.

I wish that I could forget the past and start over.

Let's destroy this cake!(throws a piece right to Cindy's cheek)

That does it.(throws a piece right to Rose's cheek)

I'm going to get you.(throws another at Cindy's forehead)

You're in for it now.(throws another at Rose's forehead)

Your crazy.(throws another at Cindy's other cheek)

So are you.(throws another at Rose's other cheek)

Wash your faces. Clean this up.

We will.

After they do that, they go sinny-diping in Cindy's pool.

This is fun.

Ya, it is.

Play a couple of games of marco polo and race eachother for fifty yards. Cindy is the winner. Get out and dry off.

Here comes a car. I dare you to flash the person.

No, I double dare you to flash the person.

Let's both do it together.

They do it.

Get inside and get dressed now. You'll catch a cold.


Cindy goes home the next morning.

See ya later, Rose.

See ya later, Cindy.

Bye, Helen. Bye, Bernie.

Bye, Cindy.

Let's all forget the past and start a new life together.

Ya, let's.

We're a family again!

I love you, Mom and Dad.

We love you too, Rose.

They hug eachother.

The End