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Are there times when you just don't know what to do?  Have you ever sought advice from people, only to get some half-assed advice?  Well, you tried the rest now try us.  Ask us our advice about anything and everything, we'll do our best to give you the best advice known to cyber-space.  Can't convince you to ask, well, here is but a small sample of the kind of advice you can expect from us, right here.

December 13, 1999
 It all started about a year ago when a mutual friend of mine began to have strong sexual feelings about me. See, I don't have these feelings towards her but she just doesn't get the point. I have sent her letters in the mail expressing how I feel but it seems to only be getting worse by each passing day. She is basically stalking my every move, calling my house at all hours of the night, and telling friends of mine about "sex dreams" that she has about me. I am beginning to be worried for my physical well-being. Nothing I do works. What can I do? Confrontation? I don't want to even hear her voice let alone see her face to face. I keep on wishing that she would fall in love with someone else but every time that seems to be taking place, she pretends he's me.
 Sincerely Yours,
  Hopeless in California
Dear Hopeless,
 What you need to do is tell her straight out that you don't feel the same way towards her.  State it plainly but firmly.  If you don't want to take it that far then simply stay away from her.  Confront her and tell her plainly that you don't appreciate her actions.  If she still doesn't get it then you might want to seek legal help.  Many states have stalking laws that help prevent what is happening to you.  Talk to a friend about what is going on with her.  Keep a journal of her actions.  In it write down everything she does that makes you uncomfortable, harassing phone calls, following you, etc.  Then with all that information at the ready you can seek help from the police.  Show this girl that you are serious about not wanting her advances.


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