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Ally Walker
online chat transcripts

This a transcript from a chat Ally had on TV guide's web site on October 15, 1998 

TVGEN: Welcome, everyone. We're here with Profiler star Ally Walker... Welcome, Ally.

Ally Walker:  Hello to everyone!

Marty2634:  Hello, Ally, have you appeared on any other TV show or movie in the past?

Walker:  Oh yeah, a lot actually. I was in the television show Moon Over Miami, a short-lived but funny show. I've done quite a few movies, Universal Soldier, While You Were Sleeping, to name a few.

SRT3:  Ally, I liked you a lot in Santa Barbara. Do you miss the show, and how was it working with the other actors?

Walker:  It was great. Santa Barbara was my first real job and was a great training ground for me. And all of those actors have turned out to have really healthy careers. It was a great experience and I really loved doing it.

Marty2634:  Hello Ally, did you always want to become an actress?

Walker:  No, actually, I was a scientist first, sort of. I was a biochemist. 

TVGEN:  What prompted the change?

Walker:  I actually fell into it. I was discovered in a restaurant while visiting Los Angeles.

Marty2634:  Ally, It seems the crime genre has become popular on TV recently! Why is that?

Walker:  I think art and society go hand in hand, and it's sort of a reflection of what we're immersed in in our society. And I think the final frontier for us is understanding the human psyche, really. I think that man is fascinated with the macabre, and I think crimes against human beings, against your own species, are fascinating to our society.

Michelangelo__:  Ally, do you do anything special to help you get into character?

Walker:  I did my homework when we started the series. I spoke to profilers, and I read a lot of literature on profiling and on criminal profiling and the criminal psychology before I went to work.

blue_fly__:  Flipping your hair, scratching the back of your neck, playing with a pen, are these nervous habits of Sam or Ally?

Walker:  I think they're Ally's habits. And let me explain something. Flipping my hair is to get it out of the shot. I have a lot of hair.

image_64:  Do you find it hard to act like you see visions in your head when you really don't? Do you feel dumb at all? BTW I think you're a really pretty lady.

Walker:  hanks a lot! You know, I don't necessarily feel dumb, though sometimes it can be a little awkward. It's my job to portray the character, and so I do a vision when asked to! 

sensthixhlj: What type of episode do you enjoy filming the most action or drama?

Walker: Well, mainly as an actor you enjoy dramatic portrayals, they give you something to sink your teeth into. But action can enhance the drama of a given scene. So if it's written well they go hand in hand.

Felicity20:  Hi Ally! I don't want to pry but is it true you had a child last year?

Walker: Yes I did. And I don't think you are prying, it's been printed all over the place. I have a little boy and he is now 14 months old. He's the best.

blue_fly__: How would you describe your husband (looks and personality) in five words?

Walker:  On the show, six feet under and staying. In real life my husband is a wonderful man whom I married, six feet tall and hopefully staying!

Michelangelo__:  What is your idea of a perfect date?

Walker: Someone who makes me laugh a lot.

EdenMagic:  Greetings from Germany. Why was Moon over Miami canceled after a few weeks? I really liked the show...

Walker:  I don't know, so did I.

bunyip98: Though we get Profiler here in Australia, I don't think we are up to date with it, How has your character changed over the series?

Walker:  My character, especially in the new season, the third year that we're going into, is becoming less of a prisoner and more of a full-blown well rounded character. There is more humor and they are making her more feminine. They are just opening up her life.

mcmadison: You guys have a great show! We've heard a lot about the "lightening" of the show. What aspects are going to change?

Walker:  I think the show is going to be more based on character. I think it will still have its film noir appeal, but it will be grounded more in the personalities that drive the show.

earthloon1998:  Hi Ally, people said that Profiler is another version of The X-Files. What do you think?

Walker:  I haven't met any aliens recently! I think that that's the basic difference. I think that we deal with the macabre in the human mind and the human being, and less with the macabre coming from the extra-terrestrial. But I like The X-Files very much, so thank you more the compliment.

Proteus_Crow:  Ally, the show is set in Atlanta. Do you ever shoot there?

Walker:  Yeah, we shot the pilot there.

merider:  If you could write an episode what role would you like to see your character play?

Walker:  I think the role I have is really good! I think that I would tend to get more into the personal life of Sam, with her daughter and with her relationships with the people she works with. I think Iwould make it a much more personal episode.

sensthixhlj:  Could we possibly see a romance develop between Sam and John? Sam and Bailey?

Walker:  I think this is something I get asked a lot the interesting thing about this triangle is that there is a lot of love between these three people as friends. And watching these three people keep that in check and in balance as friends and not drift off into romance is part of the show's appeal. But one can never say never.

Lonegunman16:  I was a biochemist too. Where'd you go to college?

Walker:  UC Santa Cruz.

msmonipenni:  Everyone in Hollywood seems to make no secret of who they'd love to work with. Who is the one actor you'd like to work with?

Walker:  That's interesting. Maggie Smith. I just think she's brilliant.

Sublimeman7:  How did Ally do in high school? What social crowd did she hang out with?

Walker:  I don't know. I don't think I had a social crowd. I think I sort of floated between groups. I was sort of the class clown.

y2kdawn:  Ally, have you or do you plan to interview with Howard Stern?

Walker:  Not without special gear on!

MichaelD_007:  What do you think about your coworkers on the set of Profiler?

Walker:  I love them. It's truly the best cast I've ever worked with. Robert Davi is my best girlfriend!

Bambib20:  Ally, I love the show and think you are terrific. How do you feel about Jack being caught this season?

Walker:  I feel like it's time. I feel that being a physical prisoner on the show was becoming more difficult to play, and I think that becoming a psychological prisoner to my obsession and his is farmore interesting. And that will remain.

Proteus_Crow:  Ally, will your character ever date a man who won't be killed??

Walker:  I sure hope so, I'm really tired of being the black widow. Seriously, yes, she will.

Jonaskuh:  Do you have a most embarrassing moment you can share with us? Walker: No, it's too embarrassing!

Michelangelo__:  Why is the character Jack such a mystery?

Walker:  I think the interesting thing about Jack and Sam's relationship is that they're two sides of the same coin. It's very hard for her to see him, because she doesn't really see herself. And I thinkwhat she does see in him and why she does understand him frightens her, because on some level she sees it and understands it within herself.

erinlj23:  Lately you have mentioned your dislike of the increase in the gore element of the show. Was your unhappiness taken into consideration?

Walker:  Yes, it was. We have new producers and writers on the show now. And it was important for them as well to not just portray violence for violence's sake, but also show what is in the human mind and why these people do what they do, and not just the result.

blue_fly__:  Hi, could you name some of your favorite things (food, drink, movie, book, color, hobby...)?

Walker:  I like all foods. My favorite movie -- I don't have just one. I loved When Harry Met Sally. I love chocolate, red wine. My favorite season is fall. A perfect night would be going out some night in October with a Hershey Bar and a bottle of wine to watch When Harry Met Sally.

sensthixhlj:  Is Jack really going to be caught in the season premiere or is he going to escape again? 

Walker:  He's really going to be caught.

cheese_79_98:  Ally I hear that you are a fun person. Is it fun on the set, or is it all business?

Walker:  The set's a blast. Everybody I work with has a great sense of humor, and because we do such a dark show, you have to lighten the mood on the set. So we're all joking around and having a lot of fun. 

Teebs2300:  I think of Silence of the Lambs. Is there a connection?

Walker:  I think there is a really strong resemblance to that movie. I think that movie had a fascinating relationship between Clarice and Hannibal Lecter. And I think there is a lot of resemblance between that and the relationship between Sam and Jack.

Najam_M:  If you could have the power to see these visions, would you like to have it and how would you handle it? Walker: I am not sure I would like to have that kind of ability, I think it would be difficult to handle. But I think on some level, people can understand other human beings intuitively. I think that some people just happen to be able to focus in on it a little bit better, and take it to another level. But no, I just like to be kind of oblivious. Oblivion is bliss. 

blue_fly__:  What's the most flattering thing a person has ever said to you?

Walker:  You're not bad!

Chronic_theHempHog:  Any movie projects that you are working on currently?

Walker:  I just finished a film over the summer. It's called HappyTexas, it's a comedy, and it was great! I worked with Steve Zahn and Bill Macy and Jeremy Northen. It was a lot of fun, and it should be coming out some time in the winter.

blue_fly__ :  When will your movie Happy Texas be released in Europe? in Holland?

Walker:  I'm really not sure, the distribution things like that I don't know much about. But soon, hopefully.

Sublimeman7:  Would Ally make my day and say Hi to me on the screen? Please just take two seconds, please give a thrill to my otherwise dull life. Walker: I'll try to see if they'll write it in. Chin up!

Najam_M:  Hello Ally, how did the show cast you? What made them pick you?

Walker:  I went in and auditioned for the part like a lot of other actresses, and I got it.

y2kdawn:  Ally, do you own a computer? Do you use the internet?

Walker:  I have a laptop, and I've just learned how to edit, you know, move the lines around. I'm not really ready for the Internet, or rather, it's not ready for me.

sensthixhlj:  What is the weirdest thing that has happened on the set?

Walker:  I don't know, it's weird anyway, you got dead bodies eating at the craft service table, I mean that's a little weird, don't you think? I'm talking to a body about getting together, and the next time I see him, he's a stiff.

mcmadison:  Can you give us any little hints or tidbits about the new season that haven't been mentioned already?

Walker:  I think Sam falls in love. And tune in to the season's premiere Saturday and you'll see and thanks for chatting!

TVGEN:  Thanks for joining us tonight, Ally. We hope you can come back and join us again.

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