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Ally Walker

Chat Transcript from TVgen - Ally Walker, May 21, 1998 

TVGEN: Welcome to the TVGEN/Yahoo! Chat Auditorium. Our guest tonight is Ally Walker of Profiler! Welcome Ally! 

Ally Walker: Hello! How are you doing?!?

TVGEN: Let's get right to the questions!

Phantom_Of_The_Internet: Did Sharon Lesher really die at the end of this season?

Walker: I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you this stuff! Yeah! As far as I know!

AnneNL: What are your plans for this hiatus?

Walker: I'm doing a movie right now called Happy Texas. It's a little independent, a comedy, and very fun.

Sky_1681: How is your son?

Walker: He's fine, he's laying right here with me! He's nine and a half months, he's a big boy!

Magoo_T: Are you going to get a love interest next season?

Walker: I think so, yeah.

Sisqo_123: How did you first get into acting?

Walker: I was seen in a restaurant and was asked if I wanted to audition for a film.

Novascotia_98: Do YOU want to catch Jack?

Walker: Yes.

GemgaI: Is Ally your nickname or birth name?

Walker: It's my nickname. My full name is Allene.

Dutchfly: What is the weirdest thing you have ever received with your fan mail? 

Walker: I think someone once sent me pictures of their cats! It wasn't weird, it was kind of nice. I don't know!

Sisqo_123: What is your favorite episode of Profiler?

Walker: I would have to say one of the "Venom" episodes, Part 1 or 2, or the sixth episode of the first year when Coop was almost killed in a train station. 

AnneNL: What actor/actress would you like to work with in the future?

Walker: I like Gene Hackman an awful lot. And I love Jessica Lange.

Arcticnight: If you weren't acting, what do you think you would be doing today??

Walker: Drinking! I don't know. I'd be in therapy!

Dutchfly: What was the most difficult scene for you to act in Profiler so far?

Walker: Hmm, a lot of them! I don't really think in terms of that. I think there have been times when I've been really tired, and you have to do a lot of emotional work in one day, because it's on set. And then at the end of the day when you have to move into high gear and do a lot of action or factual stuff. Those are the toughest days for me, when you have to switch gears and you're emotionally drained.

Kounty: Is the character you play the same type of profiler that the FBI uses, or does your character have a special feature which makes her special?

Walker: No, I just play her as a normal FBI profiler. But she's just incredibly good at what she does, she's very intuitive.

Kris19_98_98: Why did A Martinez leave the show? He was great.

Walker: You do a thing called sweeps where television shows get ratings. And a lot of times they got rid of one of the lead characters to draw in an audience. And I don't think that they wanted Sam to have a lover that soon into the show.

AnneNL: Do you ever take Sam home with you? Is that hard?

Walker: Yes, he comes home with me every night! Yes, actually it's been sort of disturbing to have those thoughts of what she sees and feels and it gives me bad dreams at times.

Diva_Chick16: How are you and your character alike?

Walker: I think we're both idiots! No, not really. It's a hard question, to be objective about yourself. I like to think that we're both strong, and I like her sensitivity. I wish she had my sense of humor!

Novascotia_98: Have you researched the art of profiling with actual profilers?

Walker: Yeah, when I got the pilot I contacted Bob Ressler and he gave me a lot of information in several conversations. I also read a lot of criminology books and materials.

EoEo: Would you like to get back into comedy?

Walker: Yes. The film I'm doing now is comedy, and it's really fun, light and easy.

Spiler0: Do you have a rigid script or can you ad-lib?

Walker: No, no, no. I ad-lib like crazy!

AnneNL: The cast seem to be good friends, do you joke a lot on the set?

Walker: Yes, we are. It's a wonderful cast, we all really love each other and take good care of each other. Robert Davi is one of my best buddies now. And Julian McMann, he plays John Grant.

Sky_1681: What's the best advice that you would give upcoming actresses?

Walker: I'd just tell them you really have to love what you do because the obstacles are vast and many. Just really enjoy your work. 

Hot_CoCo_1000: What do you like to do in your spare time....when you're not on the set? 

Walker: Hang out with my son. What we're doing right now!

Kas378: What is one of Sam's abilities or qualities that you would like to have for yourself?

Walker: She has a softness about her, she's really comfortable with her femininity. I can act that better than I can be it in my real life, and I really like that quality of softness. Do you know what I mean?

Jeneava_Marie: Do you think there will be a Profiler movie in the future?

Walker: I really think that depends on how long the show goes. That's an interesting question. You never know. I'd like that!!

Dutchfly: What kind of music do you like? Who's your favorite singer?

Walker: I like all types of music. I like a lot of female vocalists. I like Sarah Mclachlan a lot and Joni Mitchell.

Alucard1979: After Profiler what are your career goals?

Walker: I would like to direct and write. And do parts that I want to do. Just parts that I want to do.

KELLYAW: Hey Ally, do you have input on your story lines??

Walker: Yeah, the last couple of years I have. Although I've kind of relinquished it a little bit. There are going to be new writers coming up. And I think I'll be able to discuss things with them, but I kind of want to get away from the inner workings a little bit and be more of a mom. But it's a very collaborative show.

Lindadianne50: When do you have to be back on the set to get ready for the new season?

Walker: I think we start July 29.

Spiler0: Do you feel like your show is a part of something new? Do you feel like it provides a new creative outlet?

Walker: I think profiling has been around since the '70s. It was just never given much credence. Actually Sherlock Holmes was a profiler. But since it's been brought to the forefront, it allows one to create a character that is very fresh and creative, because they basically draw upon human behavior, and they create a killer out of nothing. So it's very creative in that sense.

Whitelightning1018: Did you like doing the movie Universal Soldier?

Walker: I loved doing Universal Soldier. I loved Roland, Dean, Jean Claude and Dolph. I had a blast.

FINDINGO: Ally, have you ever done stage productions? Do you plan to do any in the future?

Walker: Yes and yes.

MaryMom6391: Will there be more of Sam's home life on the show?

Walker: Yes. I think you'll be seeing different aspects of Sam's life in the upcoming years.

T_Bliss: Why did they stop showing Moon Over Miami? It was a great show!

Walker: Well, pal, you and I thought so. Unfortunately that makes two of us. ABC is known for doing that. I don't have the answer for that. It kind of bummed me out too. The writing was brilliant. That was Harley Peyton.

_fleury_: Have any of your partners played pranks on you?

Walker: Well, uh, yeah. Davi and Julian torture me sometimes. Sometimes they pick me up and walk me around the set. Which annoys me! You know, Davi is constantly making me crack up, so it's hard for me to shoot sometimes. It's a funny set.

Sturmndrang: Do you and the cast and crew of Profiler ever feel in competition with similar shows, like The X-Files, to top each other?

Walker: No.

Twotimers: Have you ever wanted to produce an episode?

Walker: Yes, I actually would like to write and direct one of the episodes. I love to write and I think it would be difficult but fun to direct. I'm not really interested in producing right now.

Jaquela: How did you get cast/hear about Profiler?

Walker: I read the script that my agent gave me. And I went running in and got it.

Redstriker: How does it feel to be one of most gorgeous women on TV?

Walker: Well, there you go! Thank you very much! I really don't know because I don't feel that way. I'm glad that you think I am! That feels great!

Phantom_Of_The_Internet: Do you ever visit Profiler-themed websites? I have one! 

Walker: You know, I am a totally illiterate geek. I can barely type! So I don't visit them unless someone else is doing the driving. But I have visited them once or twice. 

GrIedLady: How has your life changed since Profiler?

Walker: I'm tired!! In a good way, I have a job! I'm actually an actor with a job! And I met my husband through the show! So the show's been pretty positive for me. I am tired though!

GemgaI: What's the wackiest thing in your closet?

Walker: Let me think about this one! That's a stumper, boy! My dead dog! Just kidding! Sorry!

Cyrus89x2: How do you keep your stellar shape????

Walker: I'm glad you think it's stellar, but quite frankly, I'm turning to seed.!! I have a baby and a demanding job, and you'll never see me in a bikini on the show! 

Jeneava_Marie: Did you ever do any modeling before you made it big as an actress?

Walker: Yes, not that successfully. I worked in L.A. and Japan as a model.

Magoo_T: Can you give us a preview of what is coming up next season?

Walker: Well, I really can't say, but I really think it's interesting that Jack is trapped in prison... 

DevoutOasisFan: Do you guys have a lot of funny outtakes ?

Walker: Yeah, we have millions. Our show, as dark as the subject matter is, the actors are all clowns. So yes, we do.

_fleury_: Where did you originally grow up?

Walker: Santa Fe, New Mexico for the most part originally.

Lostpath: Were you surprised how big the show has become?

Walker: Yes, very.

T_Bliss: Do you want your son to go into show business when he's older?

Walker: He can do whatever he wants.

Nikky1_98: Do they have a lot of profilers in the FBI?

Walker: Not a lot, but there are more than there used to be.

Phantom_Of_The_Internet: Will we ever meet Sam's husband Tom via flashbacks?

Walker: I would hope you would. I think that's an interesting way to go. Of course I would have to have plastic surgery.

LittleRD_Dvl: Hi Ally. Where do you see your character going next season?

Walker: Straight to the loony bin! I think the whole show is going to become more character oriented. I think they'll probably deal with Sam's obsession with Jack, and her life in a more realistic fashion. Which opens doors to a lot of interesting possible storylines.

Whitelightning1018: Do you ever watch Profiler when you are at home?

Walker: No, not really. I don't like to watch myself.

TVGEN: Thanks for being here, Ally.

Remember Profiler is on every Saturday at 10 p.m/ET on NBC!

Walker: I want to thank everybody. And I'm going to try and get a computer so I can do these more often! But I want to thank everyone for chatting and their support! Good night!

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