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Ally Walker

NBC Live -  Ally Walker of "Profiler"  - August 1, 1997  6:00 pm PT/ 9:00 pm ET

 NBCLive: Welcome, Ally! 

 Ally Walker:  Hi, everyone, it's Ally Walker and it's nice to be here. Fire away! 

 NBCLive:  Question: What is your most embarrassing moment that happened back stage? 

 Ally Walker:  Well, there have been so many. The first professional play that I did in New York, I was so nervous that I couldn't stop throwing up before I went on and everyone kept looking at me. And they didn't know if I was going to make it. And I was the lead of the play. 

 NBCLive:  Question: Will you ever catch Jack? 

 Ally Walker:  I would like to, but I'm not sure what the writers have in store for me. 

 NBCLive: Question: What has been your scariest moment while shooting a series or movie?

 Ally Walker: Scariest.... I think when I was on "Universal Soldier," and Jean Claude and I were shooting on the set and we were suppose to go through 1 wall and the car was so suppose to stop. The brakes went out, and we proceeded to go through wall after wall. I think that we went through 3 before we stopped. That was kind of scary. 

 NBCLive: Did you attend any acting school or schools?

 Ally Walker: I went to acting classes in Los Angeles. I got my degree at UC Santa Cruz but it was in the sciences. 

Magruda: The show sometimes gets al little tense how do you break the tension on the set?? 

 Ally Walker: We're all really goofy. Robert Davi, Julian McMahon and myself are constantly cracking jokes. Robert is one of the funniest men I've ever met. 

 Throbbersgirl: Ally, do you plan on doing any full length movies anytime soon? 

 Ally Walker: Yes, hopefully next hiatus. 

 Hangemlow: Do you really have ESP? 

 Ally Walker: I knew you were going to ask me that. But, no I do not. 

 Xuxa1: do you ever have trouble memorizing your lines?? 

 Ally Walker: Not really, that's part of my job. You get used to it, you just do it. 

 Sango54: I hear you are gonna be a mommie---congratulations

 Ally Walker: Aah, thank you very much. We're very excited about the baby. 

 Bevyvuska: Is there anyone in particular that you have dreamed of working with? 

 Ally Walker: There are a lot of people. I like Harrison Ford an awful lot, I like Merryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer and I really like the people on my show, so I'm really lucky. 

 Astpower: have you ever done any modeling? 

 Ally Walker: A little bit. Yes, a loooong time ago. 

 NBCLive: Question: Which medium do you prefer, movies or television? 

Ally Walker:  As far as actually physical working conditions, movies are easier and give the actor more time to do their work.  But I think that television can give an actor the opportunity to be very spontaneous, so that one becomes very proficient. I just like to act. 

 Lucy44:  I tried to ask this before, but there was a techinical difficulties. Ms. Walker, do you enjoy the dynimac between Sam and John, such as in "Night Dreas", and "Flim at Eleven"?

 Ally Walker:  Yeah, that was part of the reason why I loved the pilot so much. I loved the dynamic between the two characters who are so obviously attracted to each other and who are at the same time afraid of each other. And I enjoy working with Julian McMahon. 

 Coolasian:  Are you on the net ? do you use e-mail ? 

 Ally Walker:  No, I don't. 

 Ctomlin:  Hi Ally. Is Jack going to be as prevelant in the series this year. 

 Ally Walker:  Yes, I think so. 

 Extrem19:  So do you see yourself doing this all your life? 

 Ally Walker:  He he he, I don't see myself doing anything all my life.  I see myself acting, just maybe not this role. Although I do enjoy it. 

 Gymmiester:  u were good in Kazaam and did u like working with Shaq and u r very pretty!! 

 Ally Walker:  Oh, thank you very much. Yes, I loved working with Shaq. He is one of the largest funniest people I have ever met. And I think he did a very good job. 

 Macbrian320:  Have you at all thought about acting in a comedy? Beth in Mass

 Ally Walker:  Well, actually my background is comedy. And some people say that I'm still doing it. Most of the roles that I have done before this were comedic. And I really miss it sometimes.

Slambone: Does your scientific training help your acting in this role? 

 Ally Walker: I think it does a little because being trained in the sciences allowed me to become a disciplined thinker and organizer which I think Sam is before she spins off into her imagination.  She needs all the information in place.  And that's what the science training gave me. 

 Slippy_d:  do you know if the baby is girl/boy? when is it due? 

 Ally Walker:  I don't know........ and he or she is due any time now. :-)

 Devonian4:  hey Ally, I was in school in Budapest, Hungary, where you and your show were huge...did you realize you had such a large following overseas? 

 Ally Walker:  No, I had no idea. I'd like to go to Budapest. I'm really thrilled that they like the show so much. I'd like to do a publicity tour there because I hear that it's an absolutely beautiful city. Thank you very much. 

 Airborne4: : Clara-Canada/ Profiler is the Best show ever!!!  Do you think there will be a love triangle between John, Sam and Coop? 

 Ally Walker: I think there already is. I'm not sure how they're going to develop it, but I think that's inherent in our characters.  I'm glad you caught it, if you did. 

 Darbyshaw:  Ally:any advice for a future actress? 

 Ally Walker:  Hold on.  Just really try to enjoy your work and work really hard because it's extremely competitive.  And if you're not doing it for the right reasons, it can really be hard on you. Just try and enjoy the work.  Good luck or break a leg, as I should say. 

 Ymakino:  As an actress how do you try to differentiate your character from Fox's Millenium? 

 Ally Walker: Well, I think the 2 characters are different in that Sam is not a psychic. That is a very big difference.  I also feel that Sam has gone through what the victims have gone through on our show first hand.  And hopefully she comes across as a compassionate person as well as just a profiler.  But I think "Millennium" is very well written and he's a guy, isn't he? 

 Nethaus:  Are there any clues you could give us about what will happen next season? 

 Ally Walker: OK, I'll give you a little hint here.  Sam finds out she's more like Jack than she thought. That's all I'm going to say. 

 D_man101:  how has being the profiler changed your life

 Ally Walker:  I'm more tired than when I wasn't working.  I'm a little more cautious in my day to day life because of the subject matter.  And, I seem to be able to get into restaurants easier.  Just kidding.  You know, people have been very kind to me about the show. Overall it's been very positive. 

 Os_fan:  Ally, have you starred in any movies or shows before Profiler? 

 Ally Walker:  Yeah, I have.  I'm sure you've heard of "Singles," "Universal Soldier," "While You Were Sleeping," and I did a television show called "Moon over Miami."  And of course you didn't see any of them. Ha ha ha ha :-) 

 Mimipussycat:  How do you like chatting to your fans on the computer? 

 Ally Walker:  It's really fun, I've never done this before. I wish that I
                 was on the set so that I could tell more about the show. 

 NBCLive:  Thanks for chatting with us this evening. We apologize for ALL the technical problems.  The computer that Ally Walker was using to chat kept losing it's connection to the web. Thank you for your patience and all the excellent questions. 

 NBCLive: Maybe we'll get her to come back to Yahoo! Chat and try again in the future.   Special thanks to all who participated today.   We'd like to hear about any problems, comments and thoughts about this chat. Please email us at  Thanks and good night! 

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