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Ally Walker
TV transcripts

This a transcript from an interview Ally had on
Live with Regis and Kathie Lee on October 5, 1999 


 Regis: Best known for her role on tv as the crime solving psychologist on Profiler. Now of course she has left that show and is moving on the big screen in a big way- Here's Ally Walker... Ally! 

    Hello's are exchanged (ps... you can REALLY tell how tall Ally is next to R&KL!) 

R: Ally, ally, ally... you know that many people don't walk away from a hit tv show and start  a movie career. 

Ally: No, I know. 

R: But you did! 

A: Yeah. Uh, I really liked doing the show and I had a lot of fun, but as an actor, you want to do different things and Profiler was a very intense show and the character was extremely intense. 

KL: And the hours were long, you had a newborn at the time... 

A: Yeah. I had a newborn... the first year I was pregnant, and then I had my son, and it's just like- it's 12 to 18 hours a day... 

KL: It changes everything.

A: And it just takes over.... 

KL: And you don't want to miss those years. You never get them back. 

A: No. It's really great, now. 

R: So making a movie takes time too! 

KL: But it's isolated time. 

A: It's only like a month to three months at a time. I take my son with me all of the time- I have a really good nanny, so they go with me to the trailer. They went with me every day on Profiler- but now that's he's 2, and he's going to be 3, and going to go to school, we need to have a life together, where I can take him to school. 

KL: Good for you... 

A: It's really important for me. 

KL: Otherwise, you'll pay for it later... 

A: You do. 

KL: And he does- he pays for it big time. 

R: So he's two years old now? 

A: Yup. 

R: So are these really the terrible twos? 

A: (laughing) He's a really sweet little boy- but my son, he's become- he's very verbal. He's always been very berbal from a young age. 

KL: Unusual for boys... 

 A: I know! But he'll say (imitating) "We should not do that mama- we should not do that!"  Or we go to the doctor, and he says "Dr. Jay is not a good guy- Dr. Jay is not a good guy!" 

R: So any changes in his life- has he- some boys get physical early on... 

: Yeah! He's hitting! He hits me! His little friend Augie hit him at school the other day, and so now he's been hitting. He's been hitting mama, doesn't hit daddy... 

KL: Smart boy. 

A: Very smart when it comes to his father... but he's- he's throwing things. It's really amazing- it's genetic. They're boys. I mean, he doesn't want to play with dolls. He wants to play with trucks, he wants to throw things, and run around screaming. He's just turning into a little boy. It's really wonderful. He's not a baby anymore. But... It seems like... I tired all of the time! 

KL: You think being an actress is tough! 

A: It's like- you wanna quit hitting me? I wanna get another series and get out of the house! (laughing) no, just kidding. 

R: We're going to pause and come back and talk about Happy, Texas. 


R: So, tell me about yourself Ally Walker. You've got quite a background.  You studied biology? 

A: I studied biology... 

R: Genetic biology? 

A: I got my degree in chemistry and biology, and was working at a genetic engineering  firm and I almost blew up the lab. So, it was like maybe this isn't the thing I should be doing... and I so I traveled around the world for a bit, and came back and got seen in a restaurant in LA, when I was trying to get into UCLA med school. 

KL: Now did you believe the person when they originally asked you? 

A: No! I was with my boyfriend at the time, who was an actor, and he said "No! This IS a legit film!" and actually this person also found Tia Carerra in Hawaii and we were both in this little film. 

R: So these things do happen! 

A: Yup! 

R: In a restaurant in the UCLA hospital? 

A: No. I was in LA on business- I had an interview for UCLA and I was in this restaurant, just having dinner and a lot of fun, and this guy just came up to me and said "You've got a funny way, would you be interested in auditioning for this film?" And I was like "Yeah- right- whatever" and my boyfriend was like hitting me and was whispering "No, no- he's real, he's real!" So I was like "sure- okay" and I got the movie. 

R: What was it called? 

A: Aloha, Summer. 

R: I saw that movie! 

A: No you didn't! (laughing) 

R: I did! I don't remember seeing you though 

A: Because I ended up on the cutting room floor! 

KL: But it was enough to give you a start! 

A: I got my start. Then I was a Clairol Girl, then I got a soap opera, then I just kept working. I mean, I have had some dry spells, but really, I've been working consistently for twelve years. 

R: Good for you! Then came Profiler on Prime Time, and now the movie career begins!

KL: Happy Texas, a qwirky movie! 

R: Typical Miramax film, different- eccentric! 

KL: Great performances! 

R: Why don't you explain... 

A: It's about these two guys who- two convicts- who escape from prison and steal this winnebago that belongs to these two gay beauty pageant throwers- so they roll into Happy, Texas... 

KL: Work with her here! 

A: It could happen (laughing), So they roll into Happy, Texas, where this beauty pageant is supposed to take place and we all think- I'm the banker of the town, sort of the responsible one- anyway we all think that they are the gay beauty pageant throwers. It's really a sweet little movie. It's a great comedy. All these people come to find out, through these two guys, who they really are. Do you have a clip? 

R: Yes we do... (sets up clip) 


R: Lots going on in this movie! 

A: It's a great movie! 

R: Good to see you again! 

KL: Thanks! 

A: Thank you! 

          END of INTERVIEW 

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