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Air date : October 17, 1998
Samantha and the VCTF trap Jack of All Trades behind bars, but soon discover that he continues to hold certain powers. Bailey pushes Sam to examine her own past for clues to Jack's identity; Jack kidnaps a baby to lure Sam to him.


Air date : October 24, 1998
A serial rapist-killer (Keith Brunsman) abducts young women engaged to successful men. Most are found dumped in the woods with a single .38 slug in the base of their skulls---and with inner-ear damage. Also, Sam ignores Bailey's advice to stay away from Jack's prison cell.

Susan Moss: Stephanie Niznik. Caitlin: Nicolette Little. Lt. Baden: Jody Wood. Kristen: Charlotte Ayanna. Bob Rivers: Arthur Taxier. Grace: Roma Maffia. George: Peter Frechette.

Do The Right Thing

Air date : October 31, 1998
The VCTF probes a series of murders in which the victims---all middle-aged and with sloppy personal habits---had been castrated. Meanwhile, Sam finds herself attracted to Jack's prosecutor(John Mese).

Double Vision

Air date : November 7, 1998
The Violent Crimes Task Force sets up shop in rural Alabama after 11 strangled women are found in shallow graves, but Samantha struggles to assemble what appears to be a contradictory profile of killer with two disparate traits. On a more personal front, a tongue-tied Samantha appears to fumble her chance to arrange a date with the dashing deputy district attorney (guest star John Mese) who will prosecute the jailed slayer Jack of All Trades.

Sum of Her Parts

Air date : November 14, 1998
In Newark, N.J., a killer (W. Earl Brown) cuts the hands off one victim and decapitates another. Both are women but have nothing else in common. "They just provided parts," theorizes Sam. Also, Sam and Chloe move out of the heavily secured fire house.

Dorothy: Grace Zabriskie. Martin: Victor Brandt. Lisa: Winifred Freedman. Mavis: Jennie Ventriss. Real Estate Broker: Marcy Goodman. Manager: Robert DeTillio.

The Monster Within

Air date : November 21, 1998
The VCTF is summoned to Allentown, Pa., where the FBI's man on the scene (Stephen Caffrey), an old friend of Sam's, is spinning his wheels on a serial-murder case in which the killer (David Packer) burns his victims'faces after killing them.

Lucas: Mark Rolston. Richard Felser: Vince Melocchi. Stephanie Westmore: Melanie Rockwell. John: Julian McMahon. Grace: Roma Maffia. George: Peter Frechette.

Pefect Helen

Air date : December 5, 1998
Someone's digging up Jewish graves in George's Minnesota home town, which is also home to an active skinhead group. But Sam doesn't think that the grave robber hates Jews.

Clifford: John Billingsley. Rose: Nan Martin. Helen: Cynthia Watros. Radulski: Jennifer Griffin. Jonathan: Cliff Weisman. Brad: Elijha Mahar. Bob: Jack Moore. Mark: Greg Perrie. Deanna: Erin Noble. Stephanie: Katherine Kendall. George: Peter Frechette.

Home for the Homicide

Air date : December 12, 1998
Christmas cheer is put on hold when Samantha and the task force tangle with a spate of holiday murders that recur every season, usually involving middle-aged men who are dispatched with an ax -- each with a patch of cloth mysteriously removed from their garments. Meanwhile, there's romantic tension between Samantha and her new love interest (guest star John Mese), and Bailey bitterly contemplates spending the holidays alone, a condition not helped when his ex-wife (guest star Patricia Healy) informs him that she is engaged to be married. Despite circumstances, the VCTF team finds time to share a little Christmas cheer together.

All in the Family

Air date: January 2, 1999
An ambitious prosecutor (John Prosky) wants to tie four murders in an Annapolis, Md., bar to a drug kingpin, but Sam thinks the key to the crimes is the 6-year-old son (Ryan Sparks) of two of the victims. Meanwhile, Sam's father (Lawrence Pressman) shows up unexpectedly.

Ceremony of Innocence

Air date : January 9, 1999
On the eve of an execution, Sam has doubts about her profile of the killer when more murders occur in the same manner.

Where or When

Air date : January 16, 1999
In Los Angeles, three men have been murdered---by hand---and their bodies dumped near the sites of 1940s and '50s Hollywood landmarks. And at VCTF headquarters, George finds something quite disturbing on Donald Lucas's computer.

James: Tony Abatemarco. Detective: Darnell Williams. Paul Sterling: John Mese. Lucas: Mark Rolston. Lucas's Lawyer: Rod Arrants. Caroline: Wendy Sage. Brad: Lee Look. Deidre Stahl: Linda Michaels. Boyfriend: David Fabrizio. Girlfriend: Susan Vee.


Air date : February 6, 1999
A serial killer (Doug Savant) targets victims in the South who are all roughly the same age and have the same rare blood disorder; Bailey tells Sam the secret about her father (Lawrence Pressman) that Lucas had discovered.
C.J. Allman: David Carradine. Amber Wiley: Alley Mills. Carling Watson: James Harper. Susan Watson: Marilyn McIntyre. Harper: David Wiater. Gina White: Laura Leigh Hughes.

Heads, You Lose

Air date : February 13, 1999
Residents of trendy South Beach in Miami spin into a panic when a killer targeting models displays their heads in public places. Meanwhile, Grace uses the trip to mend fences with her estranged mother.

Otis, California

Air date : February 20, 1999
Samantha and the VCTF team trace Internet messages sent by a jailed serial killer to a murderous disciple.

Spree of Love

Air date : February 27, 1999
A young mother abandons her family to run away with her teen-age lover, leaving a bloody trail of murder throughout the Southwest.
Guest Cast: Cristi Conaway and Michael Anthony Pena.

Burnt Offerings
Air date : March 20, 1999
Samantha and the VCTF team investigate a series of deadly fires involving an arsonist who leaves cryptic burn patterns.

Three Carat Crisis

Air date : April 3, 1999
Sam and Bailey are taken hostage during a jewelry store robbery by a trio of unstable young crooks being pushed toward 


Air date : April 10, 1999
Sam and the team masquerade as IRS agents, to investigate the murders of 
several wealthy citizens, all of whom are missing a finger. Guest star: James 

Grand Master

Air date : May 8, 1999
Pretender's Jarod teams up with Profiler's Samantha to locate a missing child prodigy.

Las Brisas (Season Finale)

Air date : May 15, 1999
Sam tries to help solve a series of killings in Mexico while the trial of Donald Lucas (guest star Mark Rolston) takes an unexpected turn.

What's Love Got To Do With It

Air date: June 4, 1999
Sam and the VCTF track down a serial killer who has already killed six gay men. Also, an FBI agent has problems of her own due to an ex-boyfriend. 

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