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Ambition in the Blood

Air date : November 1, 1997
A charming serial slayer (guest star Erick Avari) escapes from a Calcutta prison and resumes his killing spree in New York, but his seemingly random crimes baffle Sam (Ally Walker), who struggles to predict his next move while she battles an Atlanta cop (guest star James Handy) who accuses her of murdering a woman while she was trapped by Jack in last season's finale episode. 

Ambition in the Blood Credits: 
Writer:  George Geiger
Director:  Dan Lerner
Guest Stars:  A. Martinez (as 'Coop'), James Handy (as Lou Handleman), Richard Zobel, Chip Zien, Tom Everett, Erick Avari, Paul Collins

Power Corrupts

Air date : December 6, 1997
Sam and the VCTF must unravel a series of murders in Chicago where the killer obsessively cleans and displays the victims as a signpost of their corruption or immorality. At the same time, the team must wrangle with a contentious local cop (guest star Richard Roundtree) who resents their interference. Elsewhere, a recovering Bailey canít rest until he finds his runaway daughter. Jon Cypher ("Major Dad") also guest-stars as Judge MacGruder.

Primal Scream

Air date : November 8, 1997
During a series of brutal murders, Sam (Ally Walker) and the task force discover that all the crimes occur during rainstorms that trigger a violent response in the killer, while serial slayer Jack of All Trades befriends a recently paroled prisoner. 

Primal Scream Credits: 
Writer:  Steve Feke
Director:  Ian Sandler
Guest Stars:  Sage Allen, Dan Martin, David Kagen, Jack Patterson, Franc Ross

It Cuts Both Ways

Air date: November 15, 1997
A frustrated Sam (Ally Walker) drastically rethinks her theories of Jack of All Trades' mindset when the serial killer appears to alter his method of killing his unlucky victims, but Sam is unaware that Jack has a new protégé (Traci Lords). Elsewhere, Bailey (Robert Davi) congratulates his new boss - the vengeful ex-husband (guest star Michael Gaston) of the woman he's been dating who threatens to shut down the VCTF. Computer whiz George (Peter Frechette) is blackmailed by his conniving former partner (guest star Jack Blessing) who tries to coerce him to help with a huge financial transfer scam.  Julian McMahon, Roma Maffia, Erica Gimpel, Caitlin Wachs, Heather McComb co-star; Shiek Mahmud-Bey guest-stars. Emmy winner Peggy McCay ('The Trials of Rosie O'Neill' and NBC's 'Days
of Our Lives') guest-stars. 

It Cuts Both Ways Credits: 
Writer:  George Geiger
Director:  Jack Bender
Guest Stars:  Michael Gaston [as Art Behar], Peggy McCay [as Melinda Gillespie], Jack Blessing

Second Best

Air date: November 22, 1997
A devious bomber (guest star Christopher John Fields) with a twisted genius for mayhem stymies Sam (Ally Walker) and the team, forcing the VCTF to call in demolitions expert Nick "Coop" Cooper (A Martinez), who matches wits in a deadly game with the madman - and tries to suppress his own romantic feelings for Sam. 

Second Best Credits: 
Writer:  Charles Holland
Director:  Felix Eniquez Alcala
Guest Stars:  A Martinez [as Coop], Christopher John Fields, Maree Cheatham, Peter irkenhead, Leslie Ishii

Old Acquaintance

Air date: December 13, 1997
While grieving Coop's death, Sam (Ally Walker) allows herself to be talked into attending  a "Big Chill"-like college reunion that quickly heats up when one friend is found murdered - and Sam and her fellow pals are all suspects. Meanwhile, computer wizard George (Peter Frechette) agrees to help in a risky undercover assignment to target financial transfer thieves who are trying to blackmail him.  Also, serial slayer Jill (Traci Lords) begins to kill without any prompting from her murderous mentor, Jack of All Trades. Robert Davi, Julian McMahon, Erica Gimpel, Roma Maffia and Shiek Mahmud-Bey co-star. Peggy McCay (NBC's "Days of Our Lives") guest-stars. 

Old Acquaintance Credits: 
Writer:  Dee Johnson
Director:  Jack Bender
Guest Stars:  Joe Spano [as Detective Mike Ramdak], Arye Gross [as Greg Hayes], Whip Hubley, Talia Balsam [as Monika Sikes], Sandra Thigpen [as Tracy Pratt], Alice Barrett [as Colleen], Jack Blessing, Peggy McCay, Vincent Duvall, Conan McCarty

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

Air date : January 3, 1998
The Violent Crimes Task Force at last has wounded serial killer Jack of All Trades on the run, but Sam's (Ally Walker) attention is divided with the mounting investigation into the murders of her college friends after a convulsive reunion. Meanwhile, Malone (Robert Davi) welcomes a new team member - despite some misgivings by a suspicious Grant (Julian McMahon) - and he tries to reconcile with his rebellious daughter Frances (Heather McComb) by celebrating her 18th birthday. Roma Maffia, Erica Gimpel, Caitlin Wachs and Peter Frechette co-star. 

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick Credits: 
Writer:  Charles D. Holland & George Geiger
Director:  Jefery Levy
Guest Stars:  Joe Spano [as Detective Mike Ramdak], Arye Gross [as Greg Hayes], Talia Balsam [as Monica Sikes], Sandra Thigpen [as Tracy Pratt], James Newman [as Deputy Brandywine], Susan Merson [as Violet Preston], Joseph Haj [as Driver], Fred Pierce [as Butler], and Louise Fletcher [as Miriam]

Victims of Victims

Air date : January 10, 1998
An unsolved murder in North Carolina bares an eerie resemblance to a series of ritualistic slayings 40 years ago in the same area. Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF are brought in to investigate - but an undetected bit of evidence from the old case points to a man who committed suicide in prison before the most recent killing. Elsewhere, on the run, a wounded Jack of All Trades seeks sanctuary with his wealthy mother in her mansion; Sam's disapproving mother-in-law (guest star and Emmy winner Michael Learned) arrives to visit her granddaughter Chloe (Caitlin Wachs); and Grace (Roma Maffia) needs emergency attention while perusing a rural crime scene. Julian McMahon, Erica Gimpel, Peter
Frechette and Traci Lords co-star. 

Victims of Victims Credits: 
Elaine Loeser
Director:  John Patterson
Guest Stars:  Troy Evans [as Detective Toolinsky], Louise Fletcher [as Miriam], Rosie Malek-Yonan [as Roya], Ramon Bieri [as Monte Drake], James Otis [as Conner Drake], Greg Mullavey [as Lattimore], Michael Learned [as Helen Waters], Peter White [as Robert Waters], Brian Reddy [as Dr. Arnold], David Purdham [as Schulte], and Colton James [as Young Schulte]


Air date : January 17, 1998
Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF race against time to find the last in a series of men who were born within days of each other in the same hospital, all of whom have been targeted by a twisted man who bears a grudge because of an unfortunate accident he suffered earlier. Also, Sam confronts her duplicitous mother-in-law (guest star Michael Learned, "The Waltons") about her parental skills, and a recovering Jack of All Trades has a surprise for his mother (guest star and Oscar winner Louise Fletcher, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"). Robert Davi, Julian McMahon, Caitlin Wachs, Roma Maffia, Peter Frechette and Traci Lords co-star. 

Birthright Credits: 
Writer:  Natalie Chaidez
Director:  Bobby Roth
Guest Stars:  Louise Fletcher [as Miriam], Michael Learned [as Helen Waters], Fred Pierce [as Butler], David Carrera [as Richard Lamb], Jill Matson [as Maria Moscone- Younger], Gail Strickland [as Maria Moscone - Older], Susan Christy [as Loretta Lamb - Younger], Judy Levitt [as Loretta Lamb - Older], Dean Nichols [as Doctor Johnston], Travis Fine [as Lane Reynolds], Rob Nilsson [as Chief Bennett], Shannon Day [as Emily Reynolds], F. William Parker [as Dr. Varees], Anthony Russell [as Detective Sears], Michelle Davison [as Bank Manager], Beth Grant [as Cook], and Nick Gaza [as Wade Nemith]. 

Dying To Live

Air date : January 31, 1998
Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF track an "angel of death" who meticulously removes different organs from his victims shortly before they are needed in life-or-death transplant surgery. But the key to their investigation may lie in how the killer selects his quarry. Meanwhile, Bailey's vengeful FBI boss (guest star Michael Gaston) tries to implicate him in a trumped-up scandal that could cost him more than his career, and serial killer Jack of All Trades does not approve of his "Jill's" (Traci Lords) new friend.  Julian McMahon, Roma Maffia, Erica Gimpel, Peter Frechette, and Shiek Mahmud-Bey co-star. 

Dying To Live Credits: 
Writer:  Bob Lowry
Director:  Jefery Levy
Guest Stars:  Michael Zelniker (as Robert Carter), James Handy (as Lou Handelman), Nicholas Hormann (as Earl Sacks), Wendy Davis (as Mrs. Driscoll), Michael Gaston (as Art Behar), and McNally Sagal (as C.J. Rheingold) 

Ties That Bind

Air date : February 7, 1998
Sam's (Ally Walker) investigation of a series of home invasion murders in which whole families are wiped out seems to be a gang-related crime - until the VCTF finds new evidence that indicates a more organized and sinister group might be responsible. Elsewhere: Sam has more problems at home when her disapproving, former mother-in-law (guest star Michael Learned, "The Waltons") initiates legal proceedings to obtain guardianship of her daughter, Chloe (Caitlin Wachs). 

Ties That Bind Credits: 
Writer:  Ian Sander & Kim Moses
Director:  Ian Sander
Guest Stars:  Michael Learned (as Helen Waters), Peter White (as Charles Waters), James Handy (as Lou Handleman), TBA (as Fat Cat), Kymberly Newberry (as Dr. Elizabeth Mason), Michael Keenan (as Judge Freed), Mark Costello (as Trooper Jasper) 

Shoot To Kill

Air date : March 7, 1998
The VCTF is summoned to Ohio where a proficient sniper has been gunning down citizens and police alike from increasingly greater distances. While Vietnam-veteran Bailey (Robert Davi) investigates the Army's elite marksmen from that war, Sam (Ally Walker) discovers similarities between the shooter's intentional clues and Greek mythology. Elsewhere, John (Julian McMahon) learns that a close friend has been responsible for spreading lies which romantically link him with Bailey's daughter, Francis (Heather McComb). Roma Maffia and Peter Frechette co-star. 

Shoot To Kill Credits: 
Writer:  George Geiger
Director:  Jefery Levy
Guest Stars:  James Handy (Lou Handleman), Tom Everett, Thom Barry, Scott Lincoln


Air date : March 14, 1998
When a series of battered young men are found dead in Boston, Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF discover that someone is recruiting desperate, unsuspecting athletes to provide fodder for clandestine fights-to-the-death to provide chilling entertainment for a select audience. However, the team cannot draw close enough to the organiser unless one of its own can infiltrate the operation.  Robert Davi, Julian McMahon, Peter Frechette, Roma Maffia, Erica Gimpel and Caitlin Wachs co-star. 

Bloodlust Credits: 
Writer:  ???
Director:  James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Stars:  Gary Stretch (as Rick Webster), James Noah, Ben Siegler, Michael Chinyamurundi, Art Metrano, Paul Collins, Paty Lombard

Every Five Minutes

Air date : March 21, 1998
Sam (Ally Walker) teams up with a female detective (Alicia Coppola) to track down a serial rapist in the Florida panhandle.  Meanwhile John (Julian McMahon) and Marcus (Shiek Mahmud-Bey) follow a lead on Jill (Traci Lords).

Every 5 Minutes Credits: 
Writer:  Steven Feke
Director:  Kim Moses
Guest Stars:  Alicia Coppola, Angela Alvarado, Larry Wilcox, Wayne Peré, Mark Houghton, Michael McFall, Jackie Debatin, Larry Wilcox

Breaking Point

Air date : March 28, 1998
A distraught Sam (Ally Walker) blames herself when her best friend, Angel (Erica Gimpel), is
kidnapped by a desperate father (guest star Bruce Weitz, "Hill Street Blues"). The man threatens to kill Angel in 24 hours unless his son (guest star Seth Peterson), a convicted murderer, is freed from prison - forcing the VCTF to move fast to find the alleged "real" killers. 

Breaking Point Credits: 
Writer:  Dee Johnson & Sibyl Gardner
Director:  Ian Toynton
Guest Stars:  Bruce Weitz

Lethal Obsession

Air date : April 4, 1998
Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF investigate the "prime-time kidnapper," a madman who has a pathological need for media attention and projects his mania onto an attractive but terrified local TV anchorwoman (guest star Anna Galvin) whom he wants to exclusively cover the prisoner exchanges.  Elsewhere, Sam worries about what's really behind her daughter Chloe's (Caitlin Wachs) reluctance to perform in the children's ballet, and the murderous Jack of All Trades makes plans for his imprisoned Jill. Robert Davi, Julian McMahon, Peter Frechette, Roma Maffia, Erica Gimpel and Shiek Mahmud-Bey co-star. Bruce McCarty guest-stars. 

Lethal Obsession Credits: 
Guest Stars:  Bruce McCarty, Anna Galvin

Cycle of Violence

Air date : April 11, 1998
A series of abusive adults are found murdered - reportedly by a vigilante wielding a flaming sword.  Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF find a possible link in an old comic book line featuring a mythical, vengeful heroine, the lurid creation from the addled mind of a reclusive writer (guest star Karen Black, Oscar nominee for "Five Easy Pieces"). Meanwhile, Sam confronts an imprisoned Jill (Traci Lords) and solicits her help in identifying her murderous mentor, Jack of All Trades, before he finds Jill.  Sam receives an award for her work with the FBI.  Robert Davi, Julian McMahon, Peter Frechette, Roma Maffia, Erica Gimpel and Caitlin Wachs co-star. 

Cycle of Violence Credits: 
Writer:  Diedre Strohm and Stacy Codikow
Director:  Jack Bender
Guest Stars:  Karen Black, Colette Killroy (as Ellen Behar), Cynthia Steele, 

Die Beautiful

Air date : May 2, 1998
The VCTF investigates the murder of an eighteen-year-old beauty queen.

Die Beautiful Credits: 
Guest Stars:  Caitlin Mowrey [as Melissa Merrit], Michele Farr [as Rhonda Merrit], Francois Giroday [as Tustin Merrit], Brian Carpenter [as Robert Harroway], Colette Kilroy [as Ellen Behar], Clarence Williams III [as Carl Adler], and Lennie Loftin [as Ernst Galloway]

Root of All Evil (season finale)

Air date : May 9, 1998
Last year's season finale saw serial killer "Jack of All Trades" building his own macabre website - with a real address that could be accessed by viewers as the show unfolded. Also in a nail-biting climax, Bailey was shot by his troubled daughter and Sam was arrested under suspicion of murder.  This year the finale promises to be even more exciting, as Sam is stalked by not one arch rival, but two. All this year "Jack" has been teaching his murderous modus operandi to new protégé "Jill" (Traci Lords), and now she's making plans of her own.  Meanwhile, the VCTF is in a race against time to stop a serial bomber who wants to warn the world about the danger of money.  Sam has an uncomfortable reunion with her father who she hasn't seen since before Chloe was born.

Root of All Evil Credits: 
Writer:  Steve Feke and George Geiger
Director:  Ian Sander
Guest Stars:  Stephen Root, James Morrison

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