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Insight (pilot episode)

Air date : September 21, 1996
Short summary:
Doctor Sam Waters comes out of retirement to help her old friend and  mentor Bailey Malone to solve the murders of six wealthy women in  Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately for Sam her old nemesis Jack of All Trades has also resurfaced and begins stalking her.

Insight Credits: 

Writer: Cynthia Saunders
Director: John Patterson
Guest Stars: Lee Garlington, Gary Anthony Williams, Terry Beaver, Judson Vaughn, Libby Whittemore

Ring of Fire

Air date : September 28, 1996
Short summary:
Sam uses her profiling techniques to help the VCTF team track down a serial arsonist who is destroying homes in the South. Meanwhile, Jack visits Sam's home and threatens her daughter Chloe and her best friend Angel. 

Ring of Fire Credits: 

Writer: Nancy Miller
Director: Peter O'Fallon
Guest Stars: John Diehl

Unholy Alliance

Air date : October 5, 1996
Short summary:
Ten years ago Bailey Malone tracked down a ritual murderer and put him in prison. When a series of copycat murders begins to take place the FBI agent wonders if he put the right individual behind bars. 

Unholy Alliance Credits: 

Writer: Ken Solarz
Director: P.J. Pesce
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano, Tom Everett, Ian Patrick Williams, Benjamin Mouton, Merle Kennedy

I’ll Be Watching You

Air date : October 26, 1996
Short summary:
The VCTF team tries to figure out the connection between a series of murders involving a rock star, a United States Senator and a health food junkie. 

I'll Be Watching You Credits: 

Writer: Lawrence Herzog
Director: John Harrison
Guest Stars: Tuesday Knight, Scott Williamson, Casey Biggs, Jason Rainwater

Unsoiled Sovereignty

Air date : November 2, 1996
Short summary:
A power plant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is threatened by a mad bomber with an obsessive/compulsive fear of germs and anything that is unclean. Sam forms an unlikey romance with a member of the bomb squad.

Unsoiled Sovereignty Credits: 

Writer: Jean Gennis & Phyllis Murphy
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest Stars: A. Martinez (as 'Coop'), Ross Bagely, Harrison Page, Anne Gee Byrd, Don Keefer

Modus Operandi

Air date : November 9, 1996
Short summary:
Jack is murdering anyone connected with Sam's past or present and Nick Cooper is next on his list. 

Modus Operandi Credits: 

Writer: Bob Lowry
Director: Jack Benda
Guest Stars: A. Martinez (as 'Coop'), Ross Bagely, Harrison Page, Anne Gee Byrd, Don Keefer

Night Dreams

Air date : November 16, 1996
Short summary:
Women are being kidnapped for no apparent reason and when someone close to Sam is hurt she vows to find the person responsible no matter what the cost.  Chloe is having nightmares. 

Night Dreams Credits: 

Writer: Cynthia Saunders
Director: John Troyden
Guest Stars: Stephen Lee, Vernee Watson Johnson, Debi A. Monahan

Cruel & Unusual

Air date : November 23, 1996
Short summary:
Murder victims are found in cages with plastic dry-cleaning bags over their heads, stungun wounds and X-marks on their bodies. The most obvious suspect, though, is a man who is already in prison and on death row for a crime he already committed. 

Cruel & Unusual Credits: 

Writer: Sibyl Gardner
Director: Ian Sanders
Guest Stars: Gary Stretch (as Ronnie McDern), Wanda De Jesus, Kim Darby, Michael C. Mahon, Debra Christofferson

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Air date : December 21, 1996
Short summary:
Native American reservations are being torched and tribal chiefs in four states have been murdered. The VCTF team asks a reservation police officer and an FBI agent with an interest in Indian studies to help them with the case.

Sorcerer's Apprentice Credits: 

Writer: Ken Solarz
Director: Lewis Teague
Guest Stars: Russell Means, Pato Hoffmann, Irene Bedard

Shattered Silence

Air date : January 11, 1997
Short summary:
Bailey Malone's personal and professional lives clash when he falls in love with the wife of a kidnapped doctor who is a specialist in hearing problems. 

Shattered Silence Credits: 

Writer: George Geiger
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest Stars: Patricia Charbonneau, Walter Olkewicz, Philip Tanzini, Herbert Mitchell


Air date : January 18, 1997
Sam has her doubts about the guilt of a convicted serial killer when he is accussed of asphyxiating a psychiatrist at a hospital for the criminally insane. 

Doppleganger Credits: 

Writer: Bob Lowry
Director: John Patterson
Guest Stars: Edward Albert (as Arthur DeRhodes), Barry Cullison, Peter Dennis, Steve Larson, Michael Ensign, Mike Kennedy

Learning From The Masters

Air date: February 1, 1997
People are being strangled and stabbed and left in poses replicating famous works of art. Will Sam become the killer's next subject when he traps her in his studio of death? 

Learning From The Masters Credits: 
Writer: Jean Gennis & Phyllis Murphy
Director: Kevin Hooks
Guest Stars: Brian Brophy, Tuck Milligan, Tom Towles, Tony Abatemarco, Jennifer Griffin

The House That Jack Built

Air date: February 8, 1997
Jack infiltrates the VCTF's main computer as well as Grace’s  home.  Bailey reluctantly agrees to use Sam and John Grant to flush him out into the open. 

The House That Jack Built Credits: 

Writer: Lawrence HertzogDirector: Carl Schenkel
Guest Stars: Craig Wasson, Norman Snow, Keith Coulouris (as Rich)

Shadow of Angels (two hours)

Air date : February 15, 1997
"Shadow of Angels" ("Nolesse Oblige" and "Gestault")
Billionaire Charles Vanderhorn and his aristocratic family are implicated in a series of murders where the victims are either crushed or strangled with silver coins.   The VCTF track a serial killer that they believe to be Jack.

Shadow of Angels Credits: 

Writer: Sibyl Gardner (part one) 
Charles D. Holland (part two)Director: John Patterson (part one) 
Kevin Hooks (part two)
Guest Stars: James Coburn (as Charles Vanderhorn), A Martinez (as 'Coop'), Peter Crombie, Paul Collins, Gregory Coolidge, Tom Everett, Frank Birney, Ginger Justin, Don Handfield, Geoffrey Infeld, Carole Ita White, Harrison Page and 'JACK'

Film At Eleven

Air date : March 8, 1997
A self-appointed vigilante is sending videotapes to the local television stations that show him punishing criminals that the courts let go free. 

Film At Eleven Credits: 

Writer: Steve Feke
Director: David S. Jackson
Guest Stars: Richard Zobel, Norman Snow, Pat Crawford Brown, Larry Dobkin, Colette Kilroy as [Ellen Bihar], Ron Kuhlman, Steven Dennis and 'JACK'


Air date : March 15, 1997
Sam and a group of Washington bureaucrats are taken hostage by a group of commandos and used as pawns in an attempt to force the President of the United States to banish nuclear weapons.  Bailey’s daughter gets in trouble with the law. 

Crisis Credits: 

Writer: Bob Lowry
Director: Matt Penn
Guest Stars: A. Martinez [as 'Coop'] & Robert Sampson, Heather McComb [as Frances] Malone, Pat Crawford Brown, William Bogert, Michael Shamus Wiles, Jason Behr, Julie Garfield and 'JACK'

Blue Highway

Air date : April 5, 1997
In the Midwest, a man in a big-rig causes head on collisions involving classic cars, and then "collects their occupants.  Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Bailey's daughter (Heather McComb) starts in a new school and George walks into a video store at the wrong time. 

Blue Highway Credits: 

Writer: Jean Gennis & Phyllis Murphy
Director: Michael Patterson
Guest Stars: Heather McComb [as Frances], James Parks, Victor Williams, Clement E. Blake and 'JACK'

FTX: Field Training Exercise

Air date : April 12, 1997
Bailey Malone becomes the prime suspect when the Bureau suspects that a mole is passing on classified information to an outside source. 

FTX: Field Training Exercise Credits: 

Writer: George Geiger & Charles D. Holland
Director: Michael Lange
Guest Stars: Michael Gaston [as Art Bihar], Gina Torres as [Michelle Brubaker], Jack Conley [as Deputy Director Ed Portrero], Rick Snyder [as Ron Dresden], Gibby Brand [as Jersy Breslow], Colette Kilroy [as Ellen Bihar], David Brisbin, Richard Holden and 'JACK'

Into The Abyss

Air date : April 19, 1997
A distracted Sam probes a series of murders in which the victims' faces are covered with lace and their mouths manipulated into bloody smiles. The trail leads to a reclusive psychic (Leland Crooke). Meanwhile, Bailey's losing patience with his daughter's behavior. 

Into The Abyss Credits: 

Writer: David A. Simmons
Director: Dan Lerner
Guest Stars: James Handy, Leland Crooke, Heather McComb [as Frances] Malone, Dana Gladstone and 'JACK'

Venom (2 hour season finale)

Air date : May 3, 1997
An inventive poisoner who's using toxic creatures to dispatch rich people (then taunting the VCTF with clues) is so clever that even Jack is beginning to take notice. Meanwhile, Bailey's difficulties with Frances are becoming more serious, and Coop (A Martinez) joins the unit as John's replacement.

Venom Credits: (1st Season Finale)

Writers: Steve Feke, James Whitmore, Jr., Bob Lowry
Directors: Dan Lerner, Carol Green
Producers: John Forrest Niss, Charles Holland, Anthony Santa Croce, Cynthia Saunders
Guest Cast: A. Martinez, Lori Petty, Joan Severance, James Handy, Heather McComb, Colette Kilroy, Phillip Bruns, Deborah Strang, Ric Casorla and 'JACK'

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